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2010 Conflict and cooperation in local water governance: Inventory of local water-related events in Namwala District, ZambiaMweemba, Carol Emma; Nyambe, Imasiku; Funder, Mikkel; van Koppen, Barbara
2012 Addressing climate change and conflict in development cooperation: Experiences from natural resource managementFunder, Mikkel; Cold-Ravnkilde, Signe Marie; Ginsborg, Ida Peters
2012 Understanding institutional change: A review of selected literature for the Climate Change and Rural Institutions Research ProgrammePeters, Ida; Christoplos, Ian; Funder, Mikkel; Friis-Hansen, Esbern; Pain, Adam
2013 Environmental governance and development cooperation: Achievements and challengesMunk Ravnborg, Helle; Larsen, Rasmus Kløcker; Vilsen, Jon Lausten; Funder, Mikkel
2013 The climate change agenda in Zambia: National interests and the role of development cooperationFunder, Mikkel; Mweemba, Carol Emma; Nyambe, Imasiku
2013 Implementing national environmental frameworks at the local level: A case study from Taita Taveta County, KenyaFunder, Mikkel; Marani, Martin
2014 Human rights perspectives on climate change adaptation: Civil society experiences in Cambodia and KenyaChristoplos, Ian; Funder, Mikkel; McGinn, Colleen; Wairimu, Winnie
2014 Towards 'good enough' climate and disaster risk governance: Emerging lessons from Zambia, Nepal, Viet Nam and UgandaChristoplos, Ian; Aben, Charles; Bashaasha, Bernard; Dhungana, Hari; Friis-Hansen, Esbern; Funder, Mikkel; Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong; Dil Bahadur Khatri; Lindegaard, Lily; Mweemba, Carol; Le Duc Ngoan; Nyambe, Imasiku; Pain, Adam; Le Thi Hoa Sen
2016 Understanding sub-national climate governance: Findings from Nepal, Uganda, Vietnam and ZambiaChristoplos, Ian; Aben, Charles; Bashaasha, Bernard; Dhungana, Hari; Friis-Hansen, Esbern; Funder, Mikkel; Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong; Khatri, Dil Bahadur; Lindegaard, Lily Salloum; Mweemba, Carol; Le Duc Ngoan; Nyambe, Imasiku; Ojha, Hermant; Okiror, John; Pain, Adam; Le Thi-Hoa-Sen
2016 Financing Sustainable Development: Actors, interests, politicsFejerskov, Adam Moe; Funder, Mikkel; Engberg-Pedersen, Lars; Jiang, Yang; Ravnborg, Helle Munk; Webster, Neil
2020 Integrating climate change adaption and development: Past trends and ways forward for Danish development cooperationFunder, Mikkel; Lindegaard, Lily Salloum; Friis-Hansen, Esbern; Ladekjær Gravesen, Marie
2021 Nature-based solutions to development and climate change challenges: Understanding ecosystem-based adaptation approachesLadekjær Gravesen, Marie; Funder, Mikkel
2021 Preparatory study for the evaluation of Denmark's development cooperation on climate change adaptationLindegaard, Lily Salloum; Funder, Mikkel; Friis-Hansen, Esbern
2021 The evolution of community based conservation and implications for Danish development cooperationFunder, Mikkel; Ladekjær Gravesen, Marie
2022 The Great Green Wall: An overview and lessons learntLadekjær Gravesen, Marie; Funder, Mikkel