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2005 Escaping from Mass Education – Why Harvard PaysBergh, Andreas; Fink, Günther
2010 Urban settlement: Data, measures, and trendsBloom, David E.; Canning, David; Fink, Günther; Khanna, Tarun; Salyer, Patrick
2010 Evaluating the effects of large scale health interventions in developing countries: The Zambian malarian initiativeAshraf, Nava; Fink, Günther; Weil, David N.
2011 Testing for Heterogeneous Treatment Effects in Experimental Data: False Discovery Risks and Correction ProceduresFink, Günther; McConnell, Margaret; Vollmer, Sebastian
2012 Public Sector Size and Corruption: Evidence from 290 Swedish MunicipalitiesBergh, Andreas; Fink, Günther; Öhrvall, Richard
2013 The Economic Case for Devoting Public Resources to HealthBloom, David E.; Fink, Günther
2014 Seasonal Credit Constraints and Agricultural Labor Supply: Evidence from ZambiaFink, Günther; Jack, Kelsey; Masiye, Felix
2014 Effects of Stress on Economic Decision-Making: Evidence from Laboratory ExperimentsDelaney, Liam; Fink, Günther; Harmon, Colm P.
2021 Falling living standards during the COVID-19 crisis: Quantitative evidence from nine developing countriesEgger, Dennis; Miguel, Edward; Warren, Shana S.; Shenoy, Ashish; Collins, Elliott; Karlan, Dean; Parkerson, Doug; Mobarak, A. Mushfiq; Fink, Günther; Udry, Christopher; Walker, Michael; Haushofer, Johannes; Larreboure, Magdalena; Athey, Susan; Lopez-Pena, Paula; Benhachmi, Salim; Humphreys, Macartan; Lowe, Layna; Meriggi, Niccoló F.; Wabwire, Andrew; Davis, C. Austin; Pape, Utz Johann; Graff, Tilman; Voors, Maarten; Nekesa, Carolyn; Vernot, Corey