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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011 Endogenous Product Differentiation, Market Size and PricesFerguson, Shon
2011 Institution-Driven Comparative Advantage, Complex Goods and Organizational ChoiceFerguson, Shon; Formai, Sara
2012 Institution-Driven Comparative Advantage and Organizational ChoiceFerguson, Shon; Formai, Sara
2012 Cross-Industry Heterogeneity in Export Participation: The Role of Scale Economies in R&DFerguson, Shon
2013 Competitive Pressure and Technology Adoption: Evidence from a Policy Reform in Western CanadaFerguson, Shon; Olfert, Rose
2014 Sizing Up the Impact of Embassies on ExportsFerguson, Shon; Forslid, Rikard
2014 Firm Productivity and Carbon Leakage: A Study of Swedish Manufacturing FirmsFerguson, Shon; Sanctuary, Mark
2015 Offshoring, total factor productivity and skill-biased technological changeAkhmetova, Zhanar; Ferguson, Shon
2016 The local impacts of agricultural subsidies: Evidence from the Canadian PrairiesBollman, Ray D.; Ferguson, Shon
2016 Productivity shocks, international trade and import prices: Evidence from agricultureFerguson, Shon; Gars, Johan
2017 Deregulation and regional specialization: Evidence from Canadian agricultureCarter, Colin Andre; Ferguson, Shon
2017 Agricultural trade reform, reallocation and technical change: Evidence from the Canadian PrairiesBrown, Mark; Ferguson, Shon; Viju, Crina
2018 Exporting a bit faster: The long-run performance of born globals in computingFerguson, Shon; Henrekson, Magnus
2018 Farm size, technology adoption and agricultural trade reform: Evidence from CanadaBrown, W. Mark; Ferguson, Shon; Viju, Crina
2018 Getting the facts right on born globalsFerguson, Shon; Henrekson, Magnus; Johannesson, Louise
2018 Measuring the impact of agricultural production shocks on international trade flowsFerguson, Shon; Gars, Johan
2019 State trading deregulation and prairie durum wheat productionCarter, Colin Andre; Ferguson, Shon
2019 Import demand elasticities based on quantity data: Theory, evidence and implications for the gains from tradeFerguson, Shon; Smith, Aaron