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1998Monetary policy and market interest ratesEllingsen, Tore; Söderström, Ulf
2004Why Are Long Rates Sensitive to Monetary Policy?Ellingsen, Tore; Söderström, Ulf
2006Organizational structure as the channeling of boundedly rational pre-play communicationEllingsen, Tore; Östling, Robert
2007Time is not moneyEllingsen, Tore; Johannesson, Magnus
2007Testing guilt aversionEllingsen, Tore; Johannesson, Magnus; Tjøtta, Sigve; Torsvik, Gaute
2007Trust and truthEllingsen, Tore; Johannesson, Magnus; Lilja, Jannie; Zetterqvist, Henrik
2007Disagreement and authorityEllingsen, Tore; Miettinen, Topi
2007The cost of lyingLundquist, Tobias; Ellingsen, Tore; Gribbe, Erik; Johannesson, Magnus
2007Anticipated verbal feedback induces altruistic behaviorEllingsen, Tore; Johannesson, Magnus
2007GenerosityEllingsen, Tore; Johannesson, Magnus
2011Do people care about context? Framing effects in dictator gamesDreber, Anna; Ellingsen, Tore; Johannesson, Magnus; Rand, David G.
2012Civic capital in two cultures: The nature of cooperation in Romania and USAEllingsen, Tore; Herrmann, Benedikt; Nowak, Martin A.; Rand, David G.; Tarnita, Corina E.
2015Does gender diversity promote non-conformity?Amini, Makan; Ekström, Mathias; Ellingsen, Tore; Johannesson, Magnus; Strömsten, Fredrik
2016Trade credit: Contract-level evidence contradicts current theoriesEllingsen, Tore; Jacobson, Tor; von Schedvin, Erik
2019DecencyEllingsen, Tore; Mohlin, Erik
2022A model of social dutiesEllingsen, Tore; Mohlin, Erik