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1991Inference in small cointegrated systems: Some Monte Carlo resultsEitrheim, Øyvind
1998Error-Correction Versus Differencing in Macroeconometric ForecastingEitrheim, Øyvind; Husebø, Tore Anders; Nymoen, Ragnar
2000Progress form forecast failure: The Norwegian consumption functionEitrheim, Øyvind; Jansen, Eilev S.; Nymoen, Ragnar
2000Progress from Forecast Failure - the Norwegian Consumption FunctionEitrheim, Øyvind; Jansen, Eilev S.; Nymoen, Ragnar
2004House Prices in Norway 1819-1989Eitrheim, Øyvind; Erlandsen, Solveig K.
2004Real-time Data for Norway: Challenges for Monetary PolicyBernhardsen, Tom; Eitrheim, Øyvind; Jore, Anne Sofie; Røisland, Øistein
2005Monetary Policy and Asset Prices: To Respond or Not?Akram, Q. Farooq; Bårdsen, Gunnar; Eitrheim, Øyvind
2005Non-Linear Dynamics in Output, Real Exchange Rates and Real Money Balances: Norway, 1830-2003Akram, Q. Farooq; Eitrheim, Øyvind; Sarno, Lucio
2006Managing Uncertainty Through Robust-Satisficing Monetary PolicyAkram, Q. Farooq; Ben-Haim, Yakov; Eitrheim, Øyvind
2006Flexible Inflation Targeting and Financial Stability: Is It Enough to Stabilise Inflation and Output?Akram, Q. Farooq; Eitrheim, Øyvind
2007Robust-Satisficing Monetary Policy Under Parameter UncertaintyAkram, Q. Farooq; Ben-Haim, Yakov; Eitrheim, Øyvind
2007Monetary Policy Under Uncertainty: Min-Max vs Robust-Satisficing StrategiesBen-Haim, Yakov; Akram, Q. Farooq; Eitrheim, Øyvind
2009Bank Regulation and Bank CrisisBerg, Sigbjørn Atle; Eitrheim, Øyvind