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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 Building a Better Theory of Well-BeingEasterlin, Richard A.
2006 Life satisfaction and economic outcomes in Germany pre- and post-unificationEasterlin, Richard A.; Zimmermann, Anke C.
2007 Happiness and domain satisfaction: Theory and evidenceEasterlin, Richard A.; Sawangfa, Onnicha
2007 Modern economic growth and quality of life: cross sectional and time series evidenceEasterlin, Richard A.; Angelescu, Laura
2008 Lost in transition: life satisfaction on the road to capitalismEasterlin, Richard A.
2008 Lost in Transition: Life Satisfaction on the Road to CapitalismEasterlin, Richard A.
2008 Life Satisfaction and Economic Conditions in East and West Germany Pre- and Post-UnificationEasterlin, Richard A.; Zimmermann, Anke C.
2009 Happiness and economic growth: does the cross section predict time trends? ; evidence from developing countriesEasterlin, Richard A.; Sawangfa, Onnicha
2009 Happiness and growth the world over: time series evidence on the happiness-income paradoxEasterlin, Richard A.; Angelescu, Laura
2010 Well-Being, Front and Center: A Note on the Sarkozy ReportEasterlin, Richard A.
2011 The happiness-income paradox revisitedEasterlin, Richard A.; Angelescu McVey, Laura; Switek, Malgorzata; Sawangfa, Onnicha; Zweig, Jacqueline Smith
2013 Happiness, growth, and public policyEasterlin, Richard A.
2013 Cross sections are historyEasterlin, Richard A.
2013 Happiness and economic growth: The evidenceEasterlin, Richard A.
2013 China's life satisfaction, 1990 - 2010Easterlin, Richard A.; Morgan, Robson; Switek, Malgorzata; Wang, Fei
2016 Paradox Lost?Easterlin, Richard A.
2019 Three Revolutions of the Modern EraEasterlin, Richard A.
2020 The Easterlin ParadoxEasterlin, Richard A.; O'Connor, Kelsey J.
2020 The Easterlin ParadoxEasterlin, Richard A.; O’Connor, Kelsey J.