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1998 Labor Markets in Latin America: A Supply-Side StoryDuryea, Suzanne; Székely, Miguel
1998 Children's Advancement Through School in Brazil: The Role of Transitory Shocks to Household IncomeDuryea, Suzanne
1999 Schooling Investments and Macroeconomic Conditions: A Micro-Macro Investigation for Latin America and the CaribbeanDuryea, Suzanne; Behrman, Jere R.; Székely, Miguel
1999 Decomposing Fertility Differences Across World Regions and Over Time: Is Improved Health More Important than Women's Schooling?Duryea, Suzanne; Behrman, Jere R.; Székely, Miguel
1999 Aging and Economic Opportunities: Major World Regions around the Turn of the CenturyBehrman, Jere R.; Duryea, Suzanne; Székely, Miguel
2002 Human Capital Policies: What they Can and Cannot Do for Productivity and Poverty Reduction in Latin AmericaDuryea, Suzanne; Pagés-Serra, Carmen
2003 Latin American Labor Markets in the 1990s: Deciphering the DecadeDuryea, Suzanne; Jaramillo, Olga Lucia; Pagés-Serra, Carmen
2004 The Effect of Conditional Transfers on School Performance and Child Labor: Evidence from an Ex-Post Impact Evaluation in Costa RicaDuryea, Suzanne; Morrison, Andrew
2006 The Under-Registration of Births in Latin AmericaDuryea, Suzanne; Olgiati, Analía; Stone, Leslie
2007 The educational gender gap in Latin America and the CaribbeanDuryea, Suzanne; Galiani, Sebastian; Ñopo, Hugo; Piras, Claudia
2008 Soap operas and fertility: Evidence from BrazilLa Ferrara, Eliana; Chong, Alberto; Duryea, Suzanne
2011 Examinando la prominente posición de Chile a nivel mundial en cuanto a desigualdad de ingresos: Comparaciones regionalesValenzuela, Juan Pablo; Duryea, Suzanne