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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997 The impact of a customs union with the EU on Turkey's welfare, employment and income distribution: An AGE analysisDe Santis, Roberto A.
1997 Why exporting countries agree voluntary export restraints: The oligopolistic power of the foreign supplierDe Santis, Roberto A.
1998 The impact of a Customs Union with the EU on internal migration in Turkey under the two alternative Harris-Todaro and wage curve settingsDe Santis, Roberto A.
1999 Comments on the Harrison-Rutherford-Tarr CGE Model with Imperfect Competition and Increasing Returns to ScaleDe Santis, Roberto A.
1999 Endogenous market structure and the gains from foreign direct investmentDe Santis, Roberto A.; Stähler, Frank
1999 Intra-industry trade, endogenous technological change, wage inequality and welfareDe Santis, Roberto A.
2000 Foreign Direct Investment and Environmental TaxesDe Santis, Roberto A.; Stähler, Frank
2000 Crude Oil Price Fluctuations and Saudi Arabian BehaviourDe Santis, Roberto A.
2003 The admission of accession countries to an enlarged monetary union: a tentative assessmentCa' Zorzi, Michele; De Santis, Roberto A.
2004 On the determinants of euro area FDI to the United States: the knowledge- capital-Tobin's Q frameworkDe Santis, Roberto A.; Anderton, Robert; Hijzen, Alexander
2005 Welfare implications of joining a common currencyCa' Zorzi, Michele; De Santis, Roberto A.; Zampolli, Fabrizio
2005 Explaining exchange rate dynamics: the uncovered equity return parity conditionCappiello, Lorenzo; De Santis, Roberto A.
2006 Financial integration, international portfolio choice and the European Monetary UnionDe Santis, Roberto A.; Gérard, Bruno
2006 On the determinants of external imbalances and net international portfolio flows: a global perspectiveDe Santis, Roberto A.; Lührmann, Melanie
2006 The geography of international portfolio flows, international CAPM and the role of monetary policy frameworksDe Santis, Roberto A.
2007 The uncovered return parity conditionCappiello, Lorenzo; De Santis, Roberto A.
2007 Do international portfolio investors follow firms’ foreign investment decisions?De Santis, Roberto A.; Ehling, Paul
2008 Euro area money demand and international portfolio allocation: a contribution to assessing risks to price stabilityDe Santis, Roberto A.; Favero, Carlo A.; Roffia, Barbara
2008 Foreign direct investment and environmental taxesDe Santis, Roberto A.; Stähler, Frank
2008 Assessing the benefits of international portfolio diversification in bonds and stocks.De Santis, Roberto A.; Sarno, Lucio