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1997 Why exporting countries agree voluntary export restraints: The oligopolistic power of the foreign supplierDe Santis, Roberto A.
1997 The impact of a customs union with the EU on Turkey's welfare, employment and income distribution: An AGE analysisDe Santis, Roberto A.
1998 The impact of a Customs Union with the EU on internal migration in Turkey under the two alternative Harris-Todaro and wage curve settingsDe Santis, Roberto A.
1999 Comments on the Harrison-Rutherford-Tarr CGE Model with Imperfect Competition and Increasing Returns to ScaleDe Santis, Roberto A.
1999 Endogenous market structure and the gains from foreign direct investmentDe Santis, Roberto A.; Stähler, Frank
1999 Intra-industry trade, endogenous technological change, wage inequality and welfareDe Santis, Roberto A.
2000 Crude Oil Price Fluctuations and Saudi Arabian BehaviourDe Santis, Roberto A.
2000 Foreign Direct Investment and Environmental TaxesDe Santis, Roberto A.; Stähler, Frank
2003 The admission of accession countries to an enlarged monetary union: a tentative assessmentCa' Zorzi, Michele; De Santis, Roberto A.
2004 On the determinants of euro area FDI to the United States: the knowledge- capital-Tobin's Q frameworkDe Santis, Roberto A.; Anderton, Robert; Hijzen, Alexander
2005 Explaining exchange rate dynamics: the uncovered equity return parity conditionCappiello, Lorenzo; De Santis, Roberto A.
2005 Welfare implications of joining a common currencyCa' Zorzi, Michele; De Santis, Roberto A.; Zampolli, Fabrizio
2006 The geography of international portfolio flows, international CAPM and the role of monetary policy frameworksDe Santis, Roberto A.
2006 On the determinants of external imbalances and net international portfolio flows: a global perspectiveDe Santis, Roberto A.; Lührmann, Melanie
2006 Financial integration, international portfolio choice and the European Monetary UnionDe Santis, Roberto A.; Gérard, Bruno
2007 The uncovered return parity conditionCappiello, Lorenzo; De Santis, Roberto A.
2007 Do international portfolio investors follow firms’ foreign investment decisions?De Santis, Roberto A.; Ehling, Paul
2008 Foreign direct investment and environmental taxesDe Santis, Roberto A.; Stähler, Frank
2008 Assessing the benefits of international portfolio diversification in bonds and stocks.De Santis, Roberto A.; Sarno, Lucio
2008 Euro area money demand and international portfolio allocation: a contribution to assessing risks to price stabilityDe Santis, Roberto A.; Favero, Carlo A.; Roffia, Barbara