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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Aggregating labour supply and feedback effects in microsimulationCreedy, John; Duncan, Alan
2002 Publicly Financed Education in an Endogenous Growth ModelCreedy, John; Gemmell, Norman
2002 Income Tax Revenue Elasticities with Endogenous Labour SupplyCreedy, John; Gemmell, Norman
2002 Population Ageing and Social Expenditure in New Zealand: Stochastic ProjectionsCreedy, John; Scobie, Grant M
2003 Reweighting the New Zealand Household Economic Survey for Tax Microsimuilation ModellingCreedy, John; Tuckwell, Ivan
2003 The Excess Burden of Taxation and Why it (Approximately) Quadruples When the Tax Rate DoublesCreedy, John
2003 Taxation, Reranking and Equivalence Scalesvan de Ven, Justin; Creedy, John
2003 Labour Supply Incentives in Alternative Tax and Transfer Schemes: A Diagrammatic IntroductionCreedy, John
2003 Survey Reweighting for Tax Microsimulation ModellingCreedy, John
2003 Discrete Hours Labour Supply Modelling: Specification, Estimation and SimulationCreedy, John; Kalb, Guyonne
2003 The Built-in Flexibility of Income and Consumption Taxes in New ZealandCreedy, John; Gemmell, Norman
2004 Adult Equivalence Scales, Inequality and Poverty in New ZealandCreedy, John; Sleeman, Catherine
2004 The Effects on New Zealand Households of an Increase in The Petrol Excise TaxCreedy, John
2004 Carbon Taxation, Prices and Welfare in New ZealandCreedy, John; Sleeman, Catherine
2004 Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reductions in New Zealand: A Minimum Disruption ApproachCreedy, John; Sleeman, Catherine
2008 Equity and Efficiency Measures of Tax-Transfer Systems: Some Evidence for New ZealandCreedy, John; Enright, Jamas; Gemmell, Norman; McNabb, Nick
2011 Tax Rates and Revenue Changes: Behavioural and Structural FactorsCreedy, John; Gemmell, Norman
2012 The Elasticity of Taxable Income in New ZealandClaus, Iris; Creedy, John; Teng, Josh
2013 Social Expenditure in New Zealand: Stochastic ProjectionsCreedy, John; Makale, Kathleen
2013 The Elasticity of Taxable Income, Welfare Changes and Optimal Tax RatesCreedy, John