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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001Aggregating labour supply and feedback effects in microsimulationCreedy, John; Duncan, Alan
2002Publicly Financed Education in an Endogenous Growth ModelCreedy, John; Gemmell, Norman
2002Population Ageing and Social Expenditure in New Zealand: Stochastic ProjectionsCreedy, John; Scobie, Grant M
2002Income Tax Revenue Elasticities with Endogenous Labour SupplyCreedy, John; Gemmell, Norman
2003Taxation, Reranking and Equivalence Scalesvan de Ven, Justin; Creedy, John
2003Labour Supply Incentives in Alternative Tax and Transfer Schemes: A Diagrammatic IntroductionCreedy, John
2003The Built-in Flexibility of Income and Consumption Taxes in New ZealandCreedy, John; Gemmell, Norman
2003Survey Reweighting for Tax Microsimulation ModellingCreedy, John
2003The Excess Burden of Taxation and Why it (Approximately) Quadruples When the Tax Rate DoublesCreedy, John
2003Reweighting the New Zealand Household Economic Survey for Tax Microsimuilation ModellingCreedy, John; Tuckwell, Ivan
2003Discrete Hours Labour Supply Modelling: Specification, Estimation and SimulationCreedy, John; Kalb, Guyonne
2004The Effects on New Zealand Households of an Increase in The Petrol Excise TaxCreedy, John
2004Adult Equivalence Scales, Inequality and Poverty in New ZealandCreedy, John; Sleeman, Catherine
2004Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reductions in New Zealand: A Minimum Disruption ApproachCreedy, John; Sleeman, Catherine
2004Carbon Taxation, Prices and Welfare in New ZealandCreedy, John; Sleeman, Catherine
2008Equity and Efficiency Measures of Tax-Transfer Systems: Some Evidence for New ZealandCreedy, John; Enright, Jamas; Gemmell, Norman; McNabb, Nick
2011Tax Rates and Revenue Changes: Behavioural and Structural FactorsCreedy, John; Gemmell, Norman
2012The Elasticity of Taxable Income in New ZealandClaus, Iris; Creedy, John; Teng, Josh
2013Social Expenditure in New Zealand: Stochastic ProjectionsCreedy, John; Makale, Kathleen
2013An Analysis of Benefit Flows in New Zealand Using a Social Accounting FrameworkAziz, Omar; Carroll, Nick; Creedy, John