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2004Market-based Options for Security of Energy SupplyEgenhofer, Christian; Gialoglou, Kyriakos; Luciani, Giacomo; Boots, Maroeska; Scheepers, Martin; Costantini, Valeria; Gracceva, Francesco; Markandya, Anil; Vicini, Giorgio
2004Oil Security Short- and Long-Term PoliciesCostantini, Valeria; Gracceva, Francesco
2004Social Costs of Energy DisruptionsCostantini, Valeria; Gracceva, Francesco
2005Security of Energy Supply: Comparing Scenarios From a European PerspectiveVicini, Giorgio; Gracceva, Francesco; Markandya, Anil; Costantini, Valeria
2005Bargaining Coalitions in the Agricultural Negotiations of the Doha Round: Similarity of Interests or Strategic Choices? An Empirical AssessmentFilippis, Fabrizio De; Costantini, Valeria; Crescenzi, Riccardo; Salvatici, Luca
2006A Modified Environmental Kuznets Curve for Sustainable Development Assessment Using Panel DataCostantini, Valeria; Martini, Chiara
2006Environment, Human Development and Economic GrowthCostantini, Valeria; Monni, Salvatore
2007Environmental Regulation and the Export Dynamics of Energy TechnologiesCrespi, Francesco; Costantini, Valeria
2010On the green side of trade competitiveness? Environmental policies and innovation in the EUCostantini, Valeria; Mazzanti, Massimiliano
2010Environmental performance and regional innovation spilloversCostantini, Valeria; Mazzanti, Massimiliano; Montini, Anna
2016Eco-innovation, sustainable supply chains and environmental performance in European industriesCostantini, Valeria; Crespi, Francesco; Marin, Giovanni; Paglialunga, Elena