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2002 Networks, market structures and economic shocks: The structural changes of innovation systems in Latin AmericaCimoli, Mario
2002 Trade openness and technological gaps in Latin America: A "low growth trap"Cimoli, Mario; Correa, Nelson
2004 Technological learning, policy regimes and growth in a "globalized" economy: General patterns and the Latin American experienceCastaldi, Carolina; Cimoli, Mario; Correa, Nelson; Dosi, Giovanni
2006 Institutions and policies shaping industrial development: An introductory noteCimoli, Mario; Dosi, Giovanni; Nelson, Richard R.; Stiglitz, Joseph
2006 Growth, structural change and technological capabilities: Latin America in a comparative perspectiveCimoli, Mario; Holland, Marcio; Porcile, Gabriel; Primi, Annalisa; Vergara, Sebastiàn
2008 The political economy of capabilities accumulation: The past and future of policies for industrial development. PrefaceCimoli, Mario; Dosi, Giovanni; Stiglitz, Joseph E.
2008 The future of industrial policies in the new millennium: Toward a knowledge-centered development agendaCimoli, Mario; Dosi, Giovanni; Stiglitz, Joseph E.
2008 Structural change, technology and economic growth: Brazil and the CIBS in a comparative perspectiveCimoli, Mario; Pereira, Wellington; Porcile, Gabriel; Scatolin, Fábio
2008 Technology and intellectual property: A taxonomy of contemporary markets for knowledge and their implications for developmentCimoli, Mario; Primi, Annalisa
2011 Innovation, technical change and patents in the development process: A long term viewCimoli, Mario; Dosi, Giovanni; Mazzoleni, Roberto; Sampat, Bhaven
2012 Productivity and structural heterogeneity in the Brazilian manufacturing sector: Trends and determinantsCatela, Eva Yamila; Cimoli, Mario; Porcile, Gabriel
2015 Which industrial policy does Europe need?Mazzucato, Mariana; Cimoli, Mario; Dosi, Giovanni; Stiglitz, Joseph E.; Landesmann, Michael A.; Pianta, Mario; Walz, Rainer; Page, Tim
2017 Choosing sides in the trilemma: International financial cycles and structural change in developing economiesCimoli, Mario; Ocampo Gaviria, José Antonio; Porcile, Gabriel
2020 Industrial policies, patterns of learning and development: An evolutionary perspectiveCimoli, Mario; Dosi, Giovanni; Yu, Xiaodan