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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Diferenciales salariales intersectoriales y el cambio en la composición del empleo urbano de la economía mexicana en 2001-2004Alcaraz, Carlo; Chiquiar, Daniel; Ramos-Francia, Manuel
2008 A note on Mexico and US manufacturing industries' long-term relationshipChiquiar, Daniel; Ramos-Francia, Manuel
2009 Competitiveness and growth of the Mexican economyChiquiar, Daniel; Ramos-Francia, Manuel
2009 A note on the predictive content of PPI over CPI inflation: The case of MexicoSidaoui, José; Capistrán, Carlos; Chiquiar, Daniel; Ramos-Francia, Manuel
2010 Remittances, schooling, and child labor in MexicoAlcaraz, Carlo; Chiquiar, Daniel; Salcedo, Alejandrina
2012 The effect of publicly provided health insurance on academic performance in MexicoAlcaraz, Carlo; Chiquiar, Daniel; Orraca, María José; Salcedo, Alejandrina
2013 Mexican migration to the United States: Underlying economic factors and possible scenarios for future flowsChiquiar, Daniel; Salcedo, Alejandrina
2015 Informality and segmentation in the Mexican labor marketAlcaraz, Carlo; Chiquiar, Daniel; Salcedo, Alejandrina
2016 Measuring and understanding trade in service tasksChiquiar, Daniel; Tobal, Martín; Yslas, Renato
2017 Notes to understand migration policy with international trade theoretical toolsCebreros, Alfonso; Chiquiar, Daniel; Roa, Mónica; Tobal, Martín
2017 Regional input-output matrices, an application to manufacturing exports in MexicoChiquiar, Daniel; Alvarado, Jorge; Quiroga, Miroslava; Torre, Leonardo
2017 Identifying Dornbusch's exchange rate overshooting with structural VECs: Evidence from MexicoCapistrán Carmona, Carlos; Chiquiar, Daniel; Hernández, Juan R.
2017 Labor market consequences of trade openness and competition in foreign marketsChiquiar, Daniel; Covarrubias, Enrique; Salcedo, Alejandrina