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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 An evolutionary model of international competition and growthCastaldi, Carolina
2003 Local and divergent patterns of technological learning within (partly) globalized markets: Is there anything new? And what can policies do about it? A concise guideDosi, Giovanni; Castaldi, Carolina
2003 Diversification patterns in the growth of firms: Evidence from Italian manufacturingCastaldi, Carolina; Milakovic, Mishael; Secchi, Angelo
2004 The grip of history and the scope for novelty: Some results and open questions on path dependence in economic processesCastaldi, Carolina; Dosi, Giovanni
2004 Technological learning, policy regimes and growth in a "globalized" economy: General patterns and the Latin American experienceCastaldi, Carolina; Cimoli, Mario; Correa, Nelson; Dosi, Giovanni
2004 Technological revolution and economic growth: The "age of steam" reconsideredCastaldi, Carolina; Nuvolari, Alessandro
2006 Income levels and income growth: Some new cross-country evidence and some interpretative puzzlesCastaldi, Carolina; Dosi, Giovanni
2006 "Chariots of fire": The evolution of tank technology, 1915-1945Castaldi, Carolina; Fontana, Roberto; Nuvolari, Alessandro
2007 The patterns of output growth of firms and countries: New evidence on scale invariances and specificitiesCastaldi, Carolina; Dosi, Giovanni
2008 Technical change and economic growth: Some lessons from secular patterns and some conjectures on the impact of ICT technologiesCastaldi, Carolina; Dosi, Giovanni
2011 Path dependence in technologies and organizations: A concise guideCastaldi, Carolina; Dosi, Giovanni; Paraskevopoulou, Evita
2013 Related Variety, Unrelated Variety and Technological Breakthroughs: An Analysis of U.S. State-Level PatentingLos, Bart; Castaldi, Carolina; Frenken, Koen
2018 From R&D to market: using trademarks to capture the market capability of top R&D investorsCastaldi, Carolina; Dosso, Mafini
2019 A taxonomy of firm-level IPR application practices to inform policy debatesSeip, Marcel; Castaldi, Carolina; Flikkema, Meindert; De Man, Ard-Pieter