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2001Modelling the demand for loans to the private sector in the euro areaCalza, Alessandro; Gartner, Christine; Sousa, João
2003Aggregate loans to the euro area private sectorCalza, Alessandro; Manrique, Marta; Sousa, João
2003Why has broad money demand been more stable in the euro area than in other economies? A literature reviewCalza, Alessandro; Sousa, João
2005Output and inflation responses to credit shocks: are there threshold effects in the euro area?Calza, Alessandro; Sousa, João
2005Financing conditions in the euro areaBê Duc, Louis; de Bondt, Gabe; Calza, Alessandro; Ibáñez, David Marqués; van Rixtel, Adrian; Scopel, Silvia
2006Non-linear dynamics in the euro area demand for M1Calza, Alessandro; Zaghini, Andrea
2006Mortgage markets, collateral constraints, and monetary policy: Do institutional factors matter?Calza, Alessandro; Monacelli, Tommaso; Stracca, Livio
2007Why has Broad Money Demand been More Stable in the Euro Area than in Other Economies? A Literature ReviewCalza, Alessandro; Sousa, João
2008Globalisation, domestic inflation and global output gaps: Evidence from the euro areaCalza, Alessandro
2009Housing finance and monetary policyCalza, Alessandro; Stracca, Livio; Monacelli, Tommaso
2010Sectoral money demand and the great disinflation in the USCalza, Alessandro; Zaghini, Andrea
2011Welfare costs of inflation and the circulation of US currency abroadCalza, Alessandro; Zaghini, Andrea
2015Shoe-leather costs in the euro area and the foreign demand for euro banknotesCalza, Alessandro; Zaghini, Andrea
2019Crypto-Assets: Implications for financial stability, monetary policy, and payments and market infrastructuresManaa, Mehdi; Chimienti, Maria Teresa; Adachi, Mitsutoshi M.; Athanassiou, Phoebus L.; Balteanu, Irina; Calza, Alessandro; Devaney, Conall; Diaz Fernandez, Ester; Eser, Fabian; Ganoulis, Ioannis; Laot, Maxime; Philipp, Günther; Poignet, Raphael; Sauer, Stephan; Schneeberger, Doris; Stracca, Livio; Tapking, Jens; Toolin, Colm; Tyler, Carolyn; Wacket, Helmut; ECB Crypto-Assets Task Force
2019Monetary policy transmission to mortgages in a negative interest rate environmentAmzallag, Adrien; Calza, Alessandro; Georgarakos, Dimitris; Sousa, João
2021Corporate loans, banks' internal risk estimates and central bank collateral: Evidence from the euro areaCalza, Alessandro; Hey, Julius-Benjamin; Parrini, Alessandro; Sauer, Stephan