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2001What really happened in The Hague?Buchner, Barbara
2001On the consequences of the US withdrawal from the Kyoto-Bonn ProtocolBuchner, Barbara; Carraro, Carlo; Cersosimo, Igor
2001Can equity enhance efficiency? Lessons from the Kyoto ProtocolCarraro, Carlo; Bosello, Francesco; Buchner, Barbara; Raggi, Davide
2002Back to Kyoto? US participation and the linkage between R&D and climate cooperationBuchner, Barbara; Carraro, Carlo; Cersosimo, Igor; Marchiori, Carmen
2002Back to Kyoto? US Participation and the Linkage between R&D and Climate CooperationBuchner, Barbara; Carraro, Carlo; Cersosimo, Igor; Marchiori, Carmen
2003Emissions Trading Regimes and Incentives to Participate in International Climate AgreementsBuchner, Barbara; Carraro, Carlo
2003China and the Evolution of the Present Climate RegimeCarraro, Carlo; Buchner, Barbara
2003Climate Policy and Economic Growth in Developing CountriesBuchner, Barbara; Galeotti, Marzio
2004Economic and Environmental Effectiveness of a Technology-based Climate ProtocolCarraro, Carlo; Buchner, Barbara
2004Russia: The Long Road to Ratification. Internal Institution and Pressure Groups in the Kyoto Protocol's Adoption ProcessBuchner, Barbara; Dall'Olio, Silvia
2005Using Data Envelopment Analysis to Assess the Relative Efficiency of Different Climate Policy PortfoliosBosetti, Valentina; Buchner, Barbara
2005Regional and Sub-Global Climate Blocs.A Game-Theoretic Perspective on Bottom-up Climate RegimesCarraro, Carlo; Buchner, Barbara
2006Over-Allocation or Abatement? A Preliminary Analysis of the Eu Ets Based on the 2005 Emissions DataBuchner, Barbara; Ellerman, Denny
2007Governance and Environmental Policy Integration in Europe: What Can We learn from the EU Emission Trading Scheme?Catenacci, Michela; Buchner, Barbara; Sgobbi, Alessandra
2007The Kyoto Protocol and the Effect of Existing and Planned Measures in the Agricultural and Forestry Sector in the EU25Giupponi, Carlo; Bosello, Francesco; Buchner, Barbara; Crimi, Jacopo; Povellato, Andrea