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1999The Behavioral Impact of Emotions in a Power to take Game: An Experimental StudyBosman, Ronald; van Winden, Frans A.A.M.
2000The Behavioral Impact of Emotions in a Power-to-Take Game: An Experimental StudyBosman, Ronald; van Winden, Frans
2000Emotional Hazard and Real Effort in a Power-to-Take GameBosman, Ronald; Sutter, Matthias; van Winden, Frans
2001Anticipated and Experienced Emotions in an Investment ExperimentBosman, Ronald; van Winden, Frans
2002Exploring Group Behavior in a Power-to-Take Video ExperimentBosman, Ronald; Hennig-Schmidt, Heike; vanWinden, Frans
2003Emotions and Economic Shocks in a First-Price AuctionBosman, Ronald; Riedl, Arno
2008Gender pairing and bargaining: Beware the same sex!Sutter, Matthias; Bosman, Ronald; Kocher, Martin; van Winden, Frans
2014Emotions-at-risk: An experimental investigation into emotions, option prices and risk perceptionBosman, Ronald; Kräussl, Roman; van Galen, Thomas
2015The "tone effect" of news on investor beliefs: An experimental approachBosman, Ronald; Kräussl, Roman; Mirgorodskaya, Elizaveta
2016Emotion at Stake – The role of stake size and emotions in a power-to-take game experiment in China with a comparison to EuropeHennig-Schmidt, Heike; Bosman, Ronald; van Winden, Frans
2016Emotion at Stake - The Role of Stake Size and Emotions in a Power-to-take Game Experiment in China with a Comparison to EuropeBosman, Ronald; Hennig-Schmidt, Heike; van Winden, Frans A. A. M.