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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1995 Intersubjective Consistency of Beliefs and the Logic of Common BeliefBonanno, Giacomo
1995 The Logic of Belief PersistencyBonanno, Giacomo; Battigalli, Pierpaolo
1997 Agreeing to Disagree: A SurveyBonanno, Giacomo; Nehring, Klaus
1997 Epistemic Foundations of Solution Concepts in Game Theory: An IntroductionBonanno, Giacomo; Nehring, Klaus
1997 Introduction to the Semantics of Belief and Common BeliefBonanno, Giacomo; Nehring, Klaus
1998 Recent Results on Belief, Knowledge and the Epistemic Foundations of Game TheoryBonanno, Giacomo; Battigalli, Pierpaolo
1998 Intersubjective Consistency of Knowledge and BeliefBonanno, Giacomo
1998 Branching Time Logic, Perfect Information Games and Backward InductionMagill, Michael; Bonanno, Giacomo; Gaasback, Kristin Van
1998 The Logic of PredictionBonanno, Giacomo
1999 Varieties of Interpersonal Compatibility of BeliefsBonanno, Giacomo; Nehring, Klaus; Marcellino, Massimiliano
2004 A simple modal logic for belief revisionBonanno, Giacomo
2005 A simple modal logic for belief revisionBonanno, Giacomo
2005 Temporal interaction of information and beliefBonanno, Giacomo
2006 Axiomatization of the AGM theory of belief revision in a temporal logicBonanno, Giacomo
2007 A syntactic approach to rationality in gamesBonanno, Giacomo
2007 Temporal belief revision rationalized by plausibility orderingsBonanno, Giacomo
2007 Four logics for minimal belief revisionBonanno, Giacomo
2007 Two lectures on the epistemic foundations of game theoryBonanno, Giacomo
2008 Non-cooperative game theoryBonanno, Giacomo
2009 A characterization of sequential equilibrium in terms of AGM belief revisionBonanno, Giacomo