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2009Product Heterogeneity, Within-Industry Trade Patterns, and the Home Bias of Consumption?Auer, Raphael
2009The Colonial and Geographic Origins of Comparative DevelopmentAuer, Raphael
2011Spatial Competition in Quality, Demand-Induced Innovation, and Schumpeterian GrowthAuer, Raphael; Sauré, Philip
2011Low-Wage Import Competition, Inflationary Pressure, and Industry Dynamics in EuropeAuer, Raphael; Degen, Kathrin; Fischer, Andreas M.
2011Industry Composition and the Effects of Exchange Rates on Exports - Why Switzerland is SpecialAuer, Raphael; Saure, Philip
2011CHF Strength and Swiss Export Performance – Evidence and Outlook From a Disaggregate AnalysisAuer, Raphael; Sauré, Philip
2023Global Production Linkages and Stock Market ComovementAuer, Raphael; Iwadate, Bruce; Schrimpf, Andreas; Wagner, Alexander F.
2023The Pandemic, Cash and Retail Payment Behaviour: Insights from the Future of Payments DatabaseAuer, Raphael; Cornelli, Giulio; Frost, Jon
2023Crypto Trading and Bitcoin Prices: Evidence from a New Database of Retail AdoptionAuer, Raphael; Cornelli, Giulio; Doerr, Sebastian; Frost, Jon; Gambacorta, Leonardo
2023Unequal Expenditure Switching: Evidence from SwitzerlandAuer, Raphael; Burstein, Ariel; Lein, Sarah; Vogel, Jonathan
2023Banking in the Shadow of Bitcoin? The Institutional Adoption of CryptocurrenciesAuer, Raphael; Farag, Marc; Lewrick, Ulf; Orazem, Lovrenc; Zoss, Markus