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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1990 Sveriges val i ett integrerat EuropaAndersson, Thomas
1990 Government Failure: The Case of Global Environmental MismanagementAndersson, Thomas
1990 Direct Investment and Local Content Rules in the European CommunityAndersson, Thomas
1991 Explaining the Termination of Nationalizations in the Late 1970sAndersson, Thomas; Brännäs, Kurt
1991 East Asian Development and Japanese Direct InvestmentAndersson, Thomas; Burenstam Linder, Staffan
1991 Approaches to Partnerships Causing Asymmetries Between Japan and the WestAndersson, Thomas
1991 Explaining Cross-Country Variation in Nationalization FrequenciesAndersson, Thomas; Brännäs, Kurt
1991 International Support for Brazilian Forests? An Evaluation of Project 'Floram'Andersson, Thomas
1992 Reconsidering the Choice between Takeover and Greenfield OperationsAndersson, Thomas; Arvidsson, Niklas; Svensson, Roger
1992 Nationalizations and Investment Flows: A Panel StudyAndersson, Thomas; Brännäs, Kurt
1992 Caring for the Environment - is Trade Good or Bad?Andersson, Thomas
1992 The Role of Japanese Foreign Direct Investment in the 1990sAndersson, Thomas
1992 Inventering av kunskap i EG-fråganAndersson, Thomas; Fredriksson, Torbjörn
1992 De multinationella företagen, Sverige och EGAndersson, Thomas
1992 Sveriges utrikeshandel i en förändrad omvärldAndersson, Thomas
1993 Distinction between Intermediate and Finished Products in Intra-Firm TradeAndersson, Thomas; Fredriksson, Torbjörn; Leung, Zabrina
1993 Tied Aid from the Perspective of a Small Donor CountryAndersson, Thomas; Johansson, Sara
1993 The Long Road: The Limitations and Possibilities of Economic Policy to Preserve Swedish Welfare by Reducing the Welfare State to Manageable ProportionsAndersson, Thomas; Braunerhjelm, Pontus; Carlsson, Bo; Eliasson, Gunnar; Fölster, Stefan; Jagrén, Lars; Kazamaki Ottersten, Eugenia; Sjöholm, Kent Rune
1993 International Organization of Production and Variation in Exports from AffiliatesAndersson, Thomas; Fredriksson, Torbjörn
1993 Utlandsinvesteringar och policyimplikationerAndersson, Thomas