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1989Capital mobility and costs of adjustmentAlbert, Max
1991Expectations and adjustment dynamics in a two-sector model of a small open economyAlbert, Max; Meckl, Jürgen
1994Unrealistische Annahmen und empirische Prüfung: Methodologische Probleme der Ökonomie am Beispiel der AußenhandelstheorieAlbert, Max
1994Kuhn-Tucker conditions and linear homogeneityAlbert, Max
1995Factor price equalization under joint production: A general equilibrium synthesisAlbert, Max; Kohler, Wilhelm K.
1995Expectations and adjustment dynamics in the specific-factors model: Correction and extensionAlbert, Max
1996Bayesian learning and expectations formation: Anything goesAlbert, Max
1996"Unrealistische Annahmen" und empirische PrüfungAlbert, Max
1997Efficiency wages, unemployment and welfare: A trade theorists' guideAlbert, Max; Meckl, Jürgen
1999Green tax reform and two-component unemployment: Double dividend or double loss?Albert, Max; Meckl, Jürgen
2001An Indirect-Evolution Approach to Newcomb's ProblemAlbert, Max; Heiner, Ronald Asher
2002Immigration and two-component unemploymentAlbert, Max; Meckl, Jürgen
2008Participation and decision making: a three-person power-to-take experimentAlbert, Max; Mertins, Vanessa
2008Product quality in a simple OLG model of scientific competitionAlbert, Max
2012Industrial organization in the laboratoryAlbert, Max; Hildenbrand, Andreas
2013From unrealistic assumptions to economic explanations: Robustness analysis from a deductivist point of viewAlbert, Max
2013Indirect reciprocity, golden opportunities for defection, and inclusive reputationAlbert, Max; Rusch, Hannes
2015Elementary logic for philosophy of science and economic methodologyAlbert, Max
2017Infinite idealizations and approximate explanations in economicsAlbert, Max; Kliemt, Hartmut
2023Rationalität, Erkenntnis und Entscheidung Bayesianismus und kritischer Rationalismus im VergleichAlbert, Max