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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1989The Size of Firms and Economic Performance. Industrial Economics in between Renaissance of Small Firms and Merger-ManiaAiginger, Karl; Tichy, Gunther
1997The Privatization Experiment in AustriaAiginger, Karl
1997Profitability Differences: Persistency and Determinants as Revealed in a Dynamic Panel ApproachAiginger, Karl; Pfaffermayr, Michael
1999Do Industrial Structures Converge? A Survey on the Empirical Literature on Specialisation and Concentration of IndustriesAiginger, Karl
2002Competitive Economic Performance: The European ViewAiginger, Karl; Landesmann, Michael
2002Competitive Economic Performance: USA versus EUAiginger, Karl; Landesmann, Michael
2003The Relative Importance of Labour Market Reforms to Economic GrowthAiginger, Karl
2003A Three Tier Strategy for Successful European Countries in the NinetiesAiginger, Karl
2003Insufficient investment into future growth: the forgotten cause of low growth in GermanyAiginger, Karl
2003Catching-up in Europe: The Experiences of Portugal, Spain and Greece in the NinetiesAiginger, Karl
2004Labour Market Reforms and Economic Growth. The European Experience in the NinetiesAiginger, Karl
2005The European Socio-Economic Model. Differences to the USA and Changes over TimeAiginger, Karl; Guger, Alois
2006The ability to adapt: Why it differs between the Scandinavian and Continental European modelsAiginger, Karl; Guger, Alois
2007Performance Differences in Europe: Tentative Hypotheses on the Role of InstitutionsAiginger, Karl
2007Reform Perspectives on Welfare State Models in Global CapitalismAiginger, Karl; Guger, Alois; Leoni, Thomas; Walterskirchen, Ewald
2007The Swedish Economic ModelAiginger, Karl
2008The Impact of Competition on Macroeconomic PerformanceAiginger, Karl
2009The Current Economic Crisis: Causes, Cures and ConsequencesAiginger, Karl
2009The Great Recession vs. the Great Depression. Stylised Facts on Siblings that Were Given Different Foster ParentsAiginger, Karl
2009Globale Krise und Herausforderung für ÖsterreichAiginger, Karl