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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 The ZEW - Creditreform business survey in the business-related services sector : sampling frame, stratification, expansion and resultsKaiser, Ulrich; Kreuter, Markus; Niggemann, Hiltrud
2001 A simple game-theoretical framework for studying R&D expenditures and R&D cooperationKaiser, Ulrich
2001 Differences in response patterns in a mixed mode: online/paper & pencil business surveyKaiser, Ulrich
2001 Productivity effects of organizational change: microeconometric evidenceBertschek, Irene; Kaiser, Ulrich
2001 Product innovation and product innovation marketing: theory and microeconometric evidenceKaiser, Ulrich
2001 The effects of website provision on the demand for German women's magazinesKaiser, Ulrich
2001 Moving in and out of financial distress: evidence for newly founded service sector firmsKaiser, Ulrich
2002 Optimal Cover Prices and the Effects of Website Provision on Advertising and Magazine DemandKaiser, Ulrich
2002 A Note on Pricing and Efficiency in Print Media IndustriesKaiser, Ulrich
2002 Fremdvergabe von IT-Dienstleistungen aus personalwirtschaftlicher SichtHenkel, Joachim; Kaiser, Ulrich
2003 Strategic complementarities between different types of ICT-expendituresKaiser, Ulrich
2004 An estimated model of the German magazine marketKaiser, Ulrich
2004 B2B or Not to Be: Does B2B E-Commerce Increase Labour Productivity?Bertschek, Irene; Fryges, Helmut; Kaiser, Ulrich
2004 True Versus Spurious State Dependence in Firm Performance: The Case of West German ExportsKaiser, Ulrich; Kongsted, Hans Christian
2004 Price Structure in Two-sided Markets: Evidence from the Magazine Industry?Kaiser, Ulrich; Wright, Julian
2005 Fusionen auf dem Printmedienmarkt aus wirtschaftspolitischer SichtDewenter, Ralf; Kaiser, Ulrich
2005 Do Magazines' "Companion Websites" Cannibalize the Demand for the Print Version?Kaiser, Ulrich; Kongsted, Hans Christian
2005 Anmerkungen zur ökonomischen Bewertung von Fusionen auf dem PrintmedienmarktDewenter, Ralf; Kaiser, Ulrich
2005 Anmerkungen zur ökonomischen Bewertung von Fusionen auf dem PrintmedienmarktDewenter, Ralf; Kaiser, Ulrich
2005 Is a Newspaper's Companion Website a Competing Outlet Channel for the Print Version?Kaiser, Ulrich