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2001Can equity enhance efficiency? Lessons from the Kyoto ProtocolCarraro, Carlo; Bosello, Francesco; Buchner, Barbara; Raggi, Davide
2002Integrated assessment modeling: Modules for cooperationJaeger, Carlo C.; Leimbach, Marian; Carraro, Carlo; Hasselmann, Klaus; Hourcade, Jean-Charles
2002Back to Kyoto? US participation and the linkage between R&D and climate cooperationBuchner, Barbara; Carraro, Carlo; Cersosimo, Igor; Marchiori, Carmen
2002Stable coalitionsCarraro, Carlo; Marchiori, Carmen
2002Back to Kyoto? US Participation and the Linkage between R&D and Climate CooperationBuchner, Barbara; Carraro, Carlo; Cersosimo, Igor; Marchiori, Carmen
2003Emissions Trading Regimes and Incentives to Participate in International Climate AgreementsBuchner, Barbara; Carraro, Carlo
2003One Thousand Working PapersCarraro, Carlo; Lanza, Alessandro; Papponetti, Valeria
2003Endogenous Strategic Issue Linkage in International NegotiationsCarraro, Carlo; Marchiori, Carmen
2003China and the Evolution of the Present Climate RegimeCarraro, Carlo; Buchner, Barbara
2003Endogenous Minimum Participation in International Environmental TreatiesCarraro, Carlo; Marchiori, Carmen; Oreffice, Sonia
2004Economic and Environmental Effectiveness of a Technology-based Climate ProtocolCarraro, Carlo; Buchner, Barbara
2004Does Endogenous Technical Change Make a Difference in Climate Policy Analysis? A Robustness Exercise with the FEEM-RICE ModelGaleotti, Marzio; Carraro, Carlo
2005Regional and Sub-Global Climate Blocs.A Game-Theoretic Perspective on Bottom-up Climate RegimesCarraro, Carlo; Buchner, Barbara
2005The Dynamics of Carbon and Energy Intensity in a Model of Endogenous Technical ChangeBosetti, Valentina; Carraro, Carlo; Galeotti, Marzio
2005Applications of Negotiation Theory to Water IssuesCarraro, Carlo; Marchiori, Carmen; Sgobbi, Alessandra
2005Advances in Negotiation Theory: Bargaining, Coalitions and FairnessCarraro, Carlo; Marchiori, Carmen; Sgobbi, Alessandra
2005Optimal Transfers and Participation Decisions in International Environmental AgreementsCarraro, Carlo; Eyckmans, Johan; Finus, Michael
2006Stabilisation Targets, Technical Change and the Macroeconomic Costs of Climate Change ControlBosetti, Valentina; Carraro, Carlo; Galeotti, Marzio
2006The Allocation of European Union Allowances: Lessons, Unifying Themes and General PrinciplesBuchner, Barbara K.; Carraro, Carlo; Ellerman, A. Denny
2007Optimal energy investment and R&D strategies to stabilise Greenhouse Gas atmospheric concentrationsBosetti, Valentina; Carraro, Carlo; Massetti, Emanuele; Tavoni, Massimo