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2000-09Some Cambridge reactions to The General Theory: David Champernowne and Joan Robinson on full employmentBoianovsky, Mauro
2013In the Kingdom of Solovia: The Rise of Growth Economics at MIT, 1956-1970Boianovsky, Mauro; Hoover, Kevin D.
2014Why did Wicksell change his mind about the machinery question?Boianovsky, Mauro
2015Modeling Economic Growth: Domar on Moving EquilibriumBoianovsky, Mauro
2015Beyond capital fundamentalism: Harrod, Domar and the history of development economicsBoianovsky, Mauro
2016Wicksell, secular stagnation and the negative natural rate of interestBoianovsky, Mauro
2016Theories of stagnation in historical perspectiveBackhouse, Roger E.; Boianovsky, Mauro
2017Macroeconomics the Latin American way: Sunkel and the quest for a structuralist modelBoianovsky, Mauro
2017Economists and their travels, or the time when JFK sent Douglass North on a mission to BrazilBoianovsky, Mauro
2017O encontro entre Douglass North e Celso Furtado em 1961: Visões alternativas sobre a economia nordestinaBoianovsky, Mauro; Monasterio, Leonardo Monteiro
2017Between Pigou and Keynes: Champernowne on employment and expectationsBoianovsky, Mauro
2017Optimum saving and growth: Harrod on dynamic welfare economicsBoianovsky, Mauro
2017When the history of ideas meets theory: Arthur Lewis and the classical economists on developmentBoianovsky, Mauro
2018The Brazilian connection in Milton Friedman's 1967 presidential address and 1976 Nobel lectureBoianovsky, Mauro
2018The development economist as historian of economics: The case of William J. BarberBoianovsky, Mauro
2018Cambridge anticipations of the natural rate hypothesis? Robertson and Champernowne revisitedBoianovsky, Mauro
2019Reacting to Samuelson: Early development economics and the factor-price equalization theoremBoianovsky, Mauro
2019Samuelson on populist democracy, fascist capitalism, and the vicissitudes of South American economic development (1948-1997)Boianovsky, Mauro
2019Paul Samuelson's ways to macroeconomic dynamicsBoianovsky, Mauro
2019Divergence and convergence: Paul Samuelson on economic developmentBoianovsky, Mauro