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Aliu, Armando
Parlak, Bekir
Aliu, Dorian
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[Title:] Proceedings from the TMS Algarve 2013 - International Conference on Tourism Management Studies [Publisher:] University of the Algarve [Place:] Faro, Portugal
The aim of our research is to examine the new trends in the hybridity research area and clarify the convergence of interests among state actors, private actors and civil society actors. Hybridity is conceived as a ‘multidimensional phenomenon’ and ‘new paradigm’ in tourism industry. The effective collaboration among public sector – private sector – civil society can be attained likelihood with taking into account regional governance and multilevel governance. In this study, it is argued that there is an inter-relationship between hybridity, multilevel governance and decentration.
multilevel governance
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This research note was generated from the proceeding that was prepared for “TMS ALGARVE 2013 - INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON TOURISM & MANAGEMENT STUDIES” which was held at the University of Algarve in Portugal. Likewise, it was written in the framework of the project that is entitled “The National Hybridity Project: Innovative Governance, Judicial and Sociological Approaches in Turkey (Project Grant No: KUAP(I)2013/94).”
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Conference Paper
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Manuscript Version (Preprint)
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