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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016The effects of the application of the Internet and information and communication technologies in the field of tourism mediationRodríguez Vázquez, Clide; Rodríguez Campo, Lorena; Martínez Fernández, Valentín Alejandro; Rodríguez Fernández, Magdalena
2016Reconfiguration of the Cuban music industry in the digital eraOrtigueira-Sánchez, Luis Camilo; Lamorú, Idalia Romero; Asin, Johannes Abreu
2016Economic-financial diagnosis and prediction of SMEs: An application to the contructin sectorScherger, Valeria; Terceño, Antonio; Vigier, Hernán P.
2016The effect of information technology on competitive advantage of firm: The role of environmental uncertaintyAbdelkader, Berrich; Abed, Benkaddour
2016Bibliometric study of the scientific production on information technology governanceCunha, Gustavo Rodrigues; Frogeri, Rodrigo Franklin
2016Organizational effectiveness of data centers: A foundation for effective cloud architecturesAhuja, Ajay
2016Segment disclosure pratices and determinants: Evidence from Romanian listed companiesMateescu, Ruxandra-Adriana
2016Main determinants of new services development in ICT firms: A theoretical approachMainardes, Emerson; Mattos, Carlos; Alves, Helena
2016The new intermediaries of tourist distribution: Analysis of online accommodation booking sitesde Carlos, Pablo; Araújo, Noelia; Fraiz, José Antonio
2016Management information systems and technologies in public hospitalsSilva Luzia, José Manuel; Bertuzi da Silva, Rui Filipe; Leite da Silva, Paulino Manuel; Balloni, António José