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Grigorian, Vadim
Petersen, Francine Espinoza
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ESMT Working Paper 14-04
In luxury brand management, experiences are essential. However, most of what we know about designing customer experiences originates from work developed with and/or for mass brands. Luxury brands are conceptually different and require a specific approach to brand management. Using a grounded theory approach, we present a framework consisting of seven principles to design luxury experience. Our research suggests that to create a true luxury experience brands should go beyond traditional frameworks of brand management. By compiling best practices and the commonalities amongst the interviewed companies' most successful efforts to create a luxury experience, the framework can help brands to implement a trading-up strategy: Luxury brands can enhance their desirability by offering a true luxury experience and non-luxury brands can adopt principles of luxury experience and become life-style brands.
Brand management
luxury brands
luxury marketing
customer experience
experience design
luxury consumption
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Working Paper

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