VID Working Papers, Vienna Institute of Demography, Austrian Academy of Sciences

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2018 Contribution of education to infant and under-five mortality disparities among caste groups in IndiaBora, Jayanta Kumar; Lutz, Wolfgang; Raushan, Rajesh
2018 The Great Recession and fertility in Europe: A sub-national analysisMatysiak, Anna; Vignoli, Daniele; Sobotka, Tomáš
2018 The part-time revolution: Changes in the parenthood effect on woman's employment in AustriaBerghammer, Caroline; Riederer, Bernhard
2018 Bowling together: Scientific collaboration networks of demographers at European Population ConferencesAbel, Guy; Zagheni, Emilio; Bordone, Valeria; Muttarak, Raya
2017 Fertility desires, intentions and behaviour: A comparative analysis of their consistencyFreitas, Rita; Testa, Maria Rita
2017 Cohort fertility decline in low fertility countries: Decomposition using parity progression ratiosZeman, Kryštof; Beaujouan, Éva; Brzozowska, Zuzanna; Sobotka, Tomáš
2017 Union instability and fertility: A microsimulation model for Italy and Great BritainWinkler-Dworak, Maria; Beaujouan, Eva; Di Giulio, Paola; Spielauer, Martin
2017 Intentions and childbearingTesta, Maria Rita; Rampazzo, Francesco
2017 Assessment of the data quality in Demographic and Health Surveys in EgyptAl Zalak, Zakarya; Goujon, Anne
2017 Potential implications of China's 'One Belt, One Road' strategies on Chinese international migrationMuttarak, Raya
2017 Post-transitional fertility: Childbearing postponement and the shift to low and unstable fertility levelsSobotka, Tomáš
2017 Late motherhood in low-fertility countries: Reproductive intentions, trends and consequenceBeaujouan, Éva; Sobotka, Tomáš
2017 Immigration and the social welfare state in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland: A comparative meta-studySpahl, Wanda; Weiss, Sabine; Kohlenberger, Judith; Buber-Ennser, Isabella
2017 The gap between lifetime fertility intentions and completed fertility in Europe and the United States: A cohort approachBeaujouan, Éva; Berghammer, Caroline
2017 Partners' educational pairings, work divisions, and fertility: Evidence from GermanyNitsche, Natalie
2017 Rising dispersion in age at first birth in Europe: Is it related to fertility postponement?Philipov, Dimiter
2017 Estimating population counts with capture-recapture models in the context of erroneous records in linked administrative dataYildiz, Dilek; van der Heijden, Peter G.M.; Smith, Peter W. F.
2017 Fertility intentions and their realisation: Insights from the Polish generations and gender surveyBrzozowska, Zuzanna; Mynarska, Monika
2017 Following the peers: The role of social networks for health care utilization in the PhilippinesHoffmann, Roman
2017 Labour market profile, previous employment and economic integration of refugees: An Austrian case studyRengs, Bernard; Kopf, Johannes; Buber-Ennser, Isabella; Kohlenberger, Judith; Hoffmann, Roman; Soder, Michael; Gatterbauer, Marlies; Themel, Kai
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 126