VID Working Papers, Vienna Institute of Demography, Austrian Academy of Sciences

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2015 A tale of disaster experience in two countries: Does education promote disaster preparedness in the Philippines and ThailandHoffmann, Roman; Muttarak, Raya
2015 Childlessness trends in twentieth-century Europe: Limited link to growing educational attainmentBeaujouan, Eva; Brzozowska, Zuzanna; Zeman, Kryštof
2015 Overworked or underemployed? Actual and preferred household employment patterns in the context of the economic crisisSteiber, Nadia; Haas, Barbara
2015 Mortality differentials by religious denomination in Vienna 1981-2002Klotz, Johannes; Gisser, Richard
2015 Alternative indicators of population ageing: An inventorySpijker, Jeroen
2015 Aspects of gender mainstreaming of family and work in AustriaBuber-Ennser, Isabella
2015 Population structure and consumption growth: Evidence from National Transfer AccountsKuhn, Michael; Prettner, Klaus
2015 Low fertility in Austria and the Czech Republic: Gradual policy adjustmentsSobotka, Tomáš
2015 Estimates of global bilateral migration flows by gender between 1960 and 2010Abel, Guy J.
2014 Visualising migration flow data with circular plotsSander, Nikola; Abel, Guy J.; Bauer, Ramon; Schmidt, Johannes
2014 Attitudes towards parental employment across Europe, in Australia and in JapanBuber-Ennser, Isabella; Panova, Ralina
2014 Influence of older generation's fertility behaviours on daughter's desired family size in Bihar, IndiaKumar, Abhishek; Bordone, Valeria; Muttarak, Raya
2014 Revisiting the history of fertility concentration and its measurementBarakat, Bilal
2014 Two is best? The persistence of a two-child family ideal in EuropeSobotka, Tomáš; Beaujouan, Éva
2013 Do egalitarian societies boost fertility?Feichtinger, Gustav; Prskawetz, Alexia; Seidl, Andrea; Simon, Christa; Wrzaczek, Stefan
2013 Attrition in the Austrian generations and gender surveyBuber-Ennser, Isabella
2013 The future of international migration: Developing expert-based assumptions for global population projectionsSander, Nikola; Abel, Guy J.; Riosmena, Fernando
2013 The longevity of academicians: Evidence from the Saxonian Academy of Sciences and Humanities in LeipzigWinkler-Dworak, Maria; Kaden, Heiner
2013 Climate change and reproductive intentions in EuropeDe Rose, Alessandra; Testa, Maria Rita
2013 Future fertility in low fertility countriesBasten, Stuart; Sobotka, Tomáš; Zeman, Kryštof
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 94