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2020 Trade policy and national identity: Why Keynes was opposed to protectionist policies?Brezis, Elise S.
2020 Dense orbits of the Bayesian updating group actionHellman, Ziv; Levy, Yehuda John
2020 Making the most of potential: Potential games and genotypic convergenceEdhan, Omer; Hellman, Ziv; Nehama, Ilan
2020 Equilibria existence in Bayesian games: Climbing the countable Borel equivalence relation hierarchyHellman, Ziv; Levy, Yehuda John
2020 Charges and bets: A general characterisation of common priorsHellman, Ziv; Pintér, Miklós
2020 Academic scholarship in light of the 2008 financial crisis: Textual analysis of NBER Working PapersLevy, Daniel; Mayer, Tamir; Raviv, Alon
2019 If you think 9-ending prices are low, think againSnir, Avichai; Levy, Daniel C.
2019 Gender, culture and STEM: Counter-intuitive patterns in Arab societyFriedman-Sokuler, Naomi; Justman, Moshe
2019 Should individuals migrate before acquiring education or after? A new model of brain waste vs. brain drainBrezis, Elise S.
2019 Who is in favor of immigrationEpstein, Gil S.; Katav-Herz, Shirit
2019 Not all price endings are created equal: Price points and asymmetric price rigidityLevy, Daniel C.; Snir, Avichai; Gotler, Alex; Chen, Haipeng
2019 Promise, trust and betrayal: Costs of breaching an implicit contractLevy, Daniel C.; Young, Andrew T.
2019 Pricing betterRay, Sourav; Wang, Li; Levy, Daniel; Bergen, Mark
2019 Arbitrariness in the peer review processBrezis, Elise S.; Birukou, Aliaksandr
2018 Here lives a wealthy man: Price rigidity and predictability in luxury housing marketsLevy, Daniel C.; Snir, Avichai
2018 Elitism in higher education and inequality: Why are the Nordic countries so special?Brezis, Elise S.
2018 Is brain drain passé? The optimal timing of migrationBrezis, Elise S.
2017 Static stability in games. Part 1: Symmetric and population gamesMilchtaich, Igal
2017 Static stability in games. Part 2: Asymmetric gamesMilchtaich, Igal
2017 Observations on cooperationHeller, Yuval; Mohlin, Erik
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 169