QUCEH Working Paper Series, Queen's University Centre for Economic History, Queen's University Belfast

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2021 How does international monetary leadership end? The Sterling Area revisitedDe Bromhead, Alan; Jordan, David; Kennedy, Francis; Seddon, Jack
2021 A poor inquiry: Poverty and living standards in pre-famine IrelandDoran, Áine
2020 Monetary regimes, the term structure and business cycles in Ireland, 1972-2018Stuart, Rebecca
2020 Death, Demography and the Denominator: New Influenza-18 Mortality Estimates for IrelandColvin, Christopher L.; McLaughlin, Eoin
2020 Locating the Manhattan housing market: GIS evidence for 1880-1910Gray, Rowena; Bowman, Rocco
2020 Inequality in nineteenth century Manhattan: Evidence from the housing marketGray, Rowena
2020 COVID-19, race and redliningBertocchi, Graziella; Dimico, Arcangelo
2020 Bitter Sugar: Slavery and the Black FamilyBertocchi, Graziella; Dimico, Arcangelo
2020 Financial inclusion with hybrid organisational forms: Microfinance, philanthropy, and the poor law in Ireland, c. 1836-1845McLaughlin, Eoin; Pecchenino, Rowena A.
2020 Bubbles in historyQuinn, William; Turner, John D.
2020 Capital market development over the long run: The portfolios of UK life assurers over two centuriesBogle, David A.; Coyle, Christopher; Turner, John D.
2020 The Liverpool Cotton Brokers Association and the crowning of King Cotton, 1811-1900: Examining the role of a private order institution in global tradeAldous, Michael; Coyle, Christopher
2019 Across the sea to Ireland: Return Atlantic migration before the First World WarFernihough, Alan; Ó Gráda, Cormac
2019 Going Dutch: The management of monetary policy in the Netherlands during the interwar gold standardColvin, Christopher L.; Fliers, Philip
2019 Afterlives: Testimonies of Irish Catholic mothers on infant death and the fate of the unbaptisedKennedy, Liam
2019 Law and finance in Britain c.1900Coyle, Christopher; Musacchio, Aldo; Turner, John D.
2019 The famine that wasn't? 1799-1801 in IrelandKennedy, Liam; Solar, Peter M.
2019 Applied history, applied economics, and economic historyColvin, Christopher L.; Winfree, Paul
2019 Living standards and inequality in the Industrial Revolution: Evidence from the height of University of Edinburgh students in the 1830sBlum, Matthias; McLaughlin, Eoin
2019 Before the cult of equity: New monthly indices of the British share market, 1829-1929Campbell, Gareth; Grossman, Richard S.; Turner, John D.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 66
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