QUCEH Working Paper Series, Queen's University Centre for Economic History, Queen's University Belfast

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2017 The development of English company law before 1900Turner, John D.
2017 When Britain turned inward: Protection and the shift towards Empire in interwar BritainDe Bromhead, Alan; Fernihough, Alan; Lampe, Markus; O'Rourke, Kevin H.
2017 Banking on a religious divide: Accounting for the success of the Netherlands' Raiffeisen cooperatives in the crisis of the 1920sColvin, Christopher L.
2017 Rise and fall in the Third Reich: Social mobility and Nazi membershipBlum, Matthias; De Bromhead, Alan
2016 The rise and decline of the UK's provincial stock markets, 1869-1929Campbell, Gareth; Rogers, Meeghan; Turner, John D.
2016 Squeezing the bears: Cornering risk and limits on arbitrage during the 'British Bicycle Mania', 1896-1898Quinn, William
2016 Media coverage and stock returns on the London Stock Exchange, 1825-70Turner, John D.; Ye, Qing; Walker, Clive B.
2016 Common law and the origin of shareholder protectionAcheson, Graeme G.; Campbell, Gareth; Turner, John D.
2016 Technological revolutions and speculative finance: Evidence from the British Bicycle ManiaQuinn, William
2016 Religion and development in post-famine IrelandHenderson, Stuart
2015 Escaping the Holocaust: Human and health capital of refugees to the United States, 1940-42Blum, Matthias; Rei, Claudia
2015 What moved share prices in the nineteenth-century London stock market?Campbell, Gareth; Quinn, William; Turner, John D.; Ye, Qing
2015 The past, present and future of banking historyColvin, Christopher L.
2015 Happy hour followed by hangover: Financing the UK brewery industry, 1880-1913Acheson, Graeme G.; Coyle, Christopher; Turner, John D.
2015 Quantifying human capital accumulation in rural Ireland in the nineteenth centuryBlum, Matthias; Colvin, Christopher L.; McAtackney, Laura; McLaughlin, Eoin
2015 Nationalism and Unionism in Ireland: Economic PerspectivesKennedy, Liam
2015 The long-term determinants of female HIV infection in Africa: The slave trade, polygyny, and sexual behaviorBertocchi, Graziella; Dimico, Arcangelo
2015 Women voters and trade protectionism in the interwar yearsde Bromhead, Alan
2015 Who financed the expansion of the equity market? Shareholder clienteles in Victorian BritainAcheson, Graeme G.; Campbell, Gareth; Turner, John D.
2014 State dissolution, sovereign debt and default: Lessons from the UK and Ireland, 1920-1938Foley-Fisher, Nathan; McLaughlin, Eoin
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 28
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