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Ajakaiye, Olu
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AERC Scoping Studies on China-Africa Economic Relations
African Economic Research Consortium (AERC), Nairobi
[Conclusion] In conclusion, it must be acknowledged that the phenomenon of China in the global arena is quite significant. It presents opportunities and challenges which African policy makers and thinkers must take very seriously and respond to it very intensively. This is particularly so as other regions of the world, not the least the OECD countries, Asian and Latin American countries are already responding to this phenomenon. In this regard, the African Economic Research Consortium is embarking on an in-depth research on Impact of China and India on Africa. Already, a planning meeting has been held in Nairobi on July 6, 2006. An outcome of the meeting was the identification of the key issues and sectors of concern. The research team will focus on detailed analysis of the likely direct and indirect impact of China and India on Africa in the short, medium and long terms under alternative but plausible scenarios. Background papers in the areas of petroleum, other solid minerals, agriculture, manufacturing, infrastructure and governance are being finalized. These papers will be deliberated upon in Addis Ababa on October 9-10. Thereafter, senior African scholars will prepare a synthesis paper which will be presented at a global meeting of researchers and policy makers to be held later in the year. Policy makers and other stakeholders will be invited of join us in setting the research agenda and continue to participate in the research review meetings that will follow. It is our hope that this effort will provide useful input into the activities of this important and timely Task Force.
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