ISER Discussion Papers, The Institute of Social and Economic Research, Osaka University

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Is being agreeable a key to success or failure in the labor market?Lee, Sun Youn; Ohtake, Fumio
2016 Expanding distribution channelsMatsushima, Noriaki
2016 Public debt, economic growth and the real interest rate: A panel VAR approach to EU and OECD countriesOgawa, Kazuo; Sterken, Elmer; Tokutsu, Ichiro
2016 Gender wage gap and its effect on test scores of immigrant studentsYamamura, Eiji
2016 The welfare effects of attracting foreign direct investment in the presence of unemploymentOgawa, Yoshitomo; Ono, Yoshiyasu
2016 Gradual adjustment and equilibrium uniqueness under noisy monitoringIijima, Ryota; Kasahara, Akitada
2016 The deep historical roots of macroeconomic volatilityTang, Sam Hak Kan; Leung, Charles Ka Yui
2016 Positive and negative effects of social status on longevity: Evidence from two literary prizes in JapanSasaki, Shunsaku; Akesaka, Mika; Kurokawa, Hirosumi; Ohtake, Fumio
2016 Long-term effect of international trade on the gender wage and educational gapsYamamura, Eiji
2016 A choice experiment on tax: Are income and consumption taxes equivalent?Kurokawa, Hirofumi; Mori, Tomoharu; Ohtake, Fumio
2016 Strategy-proof probabilistic mechanisms for public decision with moneyHashimoto, Kazuhiko; Shiozawa, Kohei
2016 Strategy-proofness on bankruptcy problems with an indivisible objectHashimoto, Kazuhiko; Nakayama, Yu
2016 The 'real' explanation of the PPP puzzleFord, Nicholas; Horioka, Charles Yuji
2016 The 'real' explanation of the Feldstein-Horioka puzzleFord, Nicholas; Horioka, Charles Yuji
2016 Why do children take care of their elderly parents? Are the Japanese any different?Horioka, Charles Yuji; Gahramanov, Emin; Hayat, Aziz; Tang, Xueli
2016 Retailer's product line choice with manufacturer's multichannel marketingPan, Cong
2016 The impact of pre-marital sex ratios on household saving in two Asian countries: The competitive saving motive revisitedHorioka, Charles Yuji; Terada Hagiwara, Akiko
2016 Strategy-proofness and efficiency for non-quasi-linear common-tiered-object preferences: Characterization of minimum price ruleZhou, Yu; Serizawa, Shigehiro
2016 Are the Japanese unique? Evidence from household saving and bequest behaviorHorioka, Charles Yuji
2016 Non-manipulability of Walrasian mechanisms in economies with a large number of objectsTajika, Tomoya; Kazumura, Tomoya
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 421