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2022 Accounting for the slowdown in output growth after the great recession: A wealth preference approachInagaki, Kazuma; Ono, Yoshiyasu; Tsuruga, Takayuki
2022 Relation between relative income and marriage in JapanMikami, Ryo
2022 Is the age structure of the population one of the determinants of the household saving rate in China? A spatial panel analysis of provincial dataYin, Jingwen; Horioka, Charles
2022 Signaling under double-crossing preferences: The case of discrete typesChen, Chia-hui; Ishida, Junichiro; Suen, Wing-chuen
2022 Determinants of health insurance enrollment and health expenditure in Ghana: An empirical analysisAdjei-Mantey, Kwame; Horioka, Charles
2022 Working from a distance: Productivity dispersion and labor reallocationGu, Jingping; Koh, Dongya; Liu, Andrew
2022 Comparing data gathered in an online and a laboratory experiment using the trustlab platformHanaki, Nobuyuki; Hoshino, Takayuki; Kubota, Kohei; Murtin, Fabrice; Ogaki, Masao; Ohtake, Fumio; Okuyama, Naoko
2022 An experimental study on strategic preference formation in two-sided matching marketsShimada, Natsumi
2022 Comparing behavior between a large sample of smart students and a representative sample of Japanese adultsHanaki, Nobuyuki; Inukai, Keigo; Masuda, Takehito; Shimodaira, Yuta
2022 A characterization of the minimum price Walrasian rule with reserve prices for an arbitrary number of agents and objectsWakabayashi, Yuya; Sakai, Ryosuke; Serizawa, Shigehiro
2022 Corporate real estate holding and stock returns: International evidence from listed companiesNg, Joe Cho Yiu; Leung, Charles Ka Yui; Chen, Suikang
2022 Sticky wages in a world of ideasHuang, Kevin X. D.; Katayama, Munechika; Shintani, Mototsugu; Tsuruga, Takayuki
2022 Horizontal merger analysis with endogenous product range choiceErkal, Nisvan; Pan, Lijun
2022 A generalized Uzawa growth theorem and capital-augmenting technological changeCasey, Gregory; Horii, Ryo
2022 Greenfield foreign direct investment: Social learning drives persistenceNg, Joe Cho Yiu; Chan, Chao Hung; Tsang, Kwok Ping; Leung, Charles Ka Yui
2022 Financial forecasting in the lab and the field: Qualified professionals vs. smart studentsTe, Bao; Corgnet, Brice; Hanaki, Nobuyuki; Okada, Katsuhiko; Riyanto, Yohanes Eko; Zhu, Jiahua
2022 No price envy in the multi-unit object allocation problem with non-quasi-linear preferencesShinozaki, Hiroki
2022 Should product-specific advertisement be regulated in pharmaceutical markets?Ishida, Junichiro; Takahara, Tsuyoshi
2022 Many-to-many matching on a skill-sharing platformAoyagi, Masaki
2022 Investigation of the convex time budget experiment by parameter recovery simulationShimodaira, Yuta; Shiozawa, Kohei; Inukai, Keigo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 613