ISER Discussion Papers, The Institute of Social and Economic Research, Osaka University

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2016 Public debt, economic growth and the real interest rate: A panel VAR approach to EU and OECD countriesOgawa, Kazuo; Sterken, Elmer; Tokutsu, Ichiro
2016 Gender wage gap and its effect on test scores of immigrant studentsYamamura, Eiji
2016 Non-manipulability of Walrasian mechanisms in economies with a large number of objectsTajika, Tomoya; Kazumura, Tomoya
2016 Why do children take care of their elderly parents? Are the Japanese any different?Horioka, Charles Yuji; Gahramanov, Emin; Hayat, Aziz; Tang, Xueli
2016 Strategy-proofness and efficiency for non-quasi-linear common-tiered-object preferences: Characterization of minimum price ruleZhou, Yu; Serizawa, Shigehiro
2016 Is being agreeable a key to success or failure in the labor market?Lee, Sun Youn; Ohtake, Fumio
2016 Strategy-proofness on bankruptcy problems with an indivisible objectHashimoto, Kazuhiko; Nakayama, Yu
2016 Expanding distribution channelsMatsushima, Noriaki
2016 The welfare effects of attracting foreign direct investment in the presence of unemploymentOgawa, Yoshitomo; Ono, Yoshiyasu
2016 The 'real' explanation of the Feldstein-Horioka puzzleFord, Nicholas; Horioka, Charles Yuji
2016 Gradual adjustment and equilibrium uniqueness under noisy monitoringIijima, Ryota; Kasahara, Akitada
2016 The deep historical roots of macroeconomic volatilityTang, Sam Hak Kan; Leung, Charles Ka Yui
2016 Long-term effect of international trade on the gender wage and educational gapsYamamura, Eiji
2016 Strategy-proof probabilistic mechanisms for public decision with moneyHashimoto, Kazuhiko; Shiozawa, Kohei
2016 The impact of intergenerational transfers on household wealth inequality in Japan and the United StatesNiimi, Yoko; Horioka, Charles
2016 Strategic perils of outsourcing: Sourcing strategy and product positioningMatsushima, Noriaki; Pan, Cong
2016 The countervailing power hypothesis when dominant retailers function as sales promotersMatsushima, Noriaki; Yoshida, Shohei
2016 Peer effects in academic performanceHayashi, Ryohei
2016 Retailer's product line choice with manufacturer's multichannel marketingPan, Cong
2016 Are the Japanese unique? Evidence from household saving and bequest behaviorHorioka, Charles Yuji
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 421