ISER Discussion Papers, The Institute of Social and Economic Research, Osaka University

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Macro aspects of housingLeung, Charles Ka Yui; Ng, Joe Cho Yiu
2018 On the cash-flow and control rights of contingent capitalMitchell, Chris
2018 Wage inequality during the long-term stagnation in Japan: Changes within and between establishmentsAkesaka, Mika; Miyoshi, Koyo
2018 How conscieous are you of others? Further evidence on relative income and happinessLee, Sun Youn; Ohtake, Fumio
2018 Competitive personalized pricingChen, Zhijun; Choe, Chongwoo; Matsushima, Noriaki
2018 Naked exclusion under exclusive-offer competitionKitamura, Hiroshi; Matsushima, Noriaki; Sato, Misato
2018 Supplier enchroachment and consumer welfare: Upstream firm's opportunism and multichannel distributionPan, Cong
2018 Multiproduct firms, consumer search, and demand heterogeneityKittaka, Yuta
2018 Size-dependent policies and efficient firm creationAndo, Sakai
2018 Secular stagnation in an economy with landSchlegl, Matthias
2018 Wealth preference and rational bubblesMichau, Jean-Baptiste; Ono, Yoshiyasu; Schlegl, Matthias
2018 Supplier encroachment and retailer effortMatsushima, Noriaki; Mizuno, Tomomichi
2018 Blood type and blood donation behaviors: An empirical test of pure altruism theorySasaki, Shusaku; Funasaki, Yoshifumi; Kurokawa, Hirofumi; Ohtake, Fumio
2018 Higher order risk attitudes and prevention under different timings of lossMasuda, Takehito; Lee, Eungik
2018 The superior peer improves me: Evidence from swimming dataYamane, Shoko; Hayashi, Ryohei
2018 A manufacturer's incentive to open its direct channel and its impact on welfareMatsushimay, Noriaki; Mizunoz, Tomomichi; Pan, Cong
2018 A robust approach to heteroskedasticity, error serial correlation and slope heterogeneity for large linear panel data models with interactive effectsHayakawa, Kazuhiko; Nagata, Shuichi; Yamagata, Takashi
2018 Instrumental variable estimation of dynamic linear panel data models with defactored regressors and a multifactor error structur eNorkuté, Milda; Sarafidis, Vasilis; Yamagata, Takashi
2018 Change in time preferences: Evidence from the Great East Japan EarthquakeAkesaka, Mika
2018 Current account dynamics under information rigidity and imperfect capital mobilityShibata, Akihisa; Shintani, Mototsugu; Tsuruga, Takayuki
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 476