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2024Outcome- and sign-dependent time preferences: An incentivized intertemporal choice experiment involving effort and moneyYamamoto, Shohei; Shiba, Shotaro; Hanaki, Nobuyuki
2024Toward an understanding of dominated bidding in a Vickrey auction experimentSerizawa, Shigehiro; Shimada, Natsumi; Tse, Tiffany Tsz Kwan
2024The Feldstein-Horioka puzzle or paradox after 44 Years: A fallacy of compositionHorioka, Charles Yuji
2023Economic stimulus effects of product innovation under demand stagnationMatsuzaki, Daisuke; Ono, Yoshiyasu
2023A generalized Uzawa growth theoremCasey, Gregory; Horii, Ryo
2023The preference for wealth and inequality: Towards a Piketty theory of wealth inequalityMichau, Jean-Baptiste; Ono, Yoshiyasu; Schlegl, Matthias
2023Non-exponential growth theoryHorii, Ryo
2023An experimental Nash program: A comparison of non-cooperative v.s. cooperative bargaining experimentsChessa, Michela; Hanaki, Nobuyuki; Lardon, Aymeric; Yamada, Takashi
2023Social learning and strategic pricing with rating systemsChen, Chia-hui; Chen, Kong-pin; Ishida, Junichiro
2023How to increase public support for carbon pricingWoerner, Andrej; Imai, Taisuke; Pace, Davide Domenico; Schmidt, Klaus M.
2023School ICT resources, teachers, and online education: Evidence from school closures in Japan during the COVID-19 pandemicAkabayashi, Hideo; Taguchi, Shimpei; Zvedelikova, Mirka
2023Leading patent breadth, endogenous quality choice, and economic growthSuzuki, Keishun; Kishimoto, Shin
2023Uncertainty about carbon impact and the willingness to avoid CO2 eEmissionsPace, Davide Domenico; Imai, Taisuke; Schwardmann, Peter; van der Weele, Joël J.
2023R&D subsidies, innovation location, and productivity growthDavis, Colin R.; Hashimoto, Ken'ichi
2023Real estate marketLeung, Ka Yui
2023Unintended consequences of sanitation investment: Negative externalities on water quality and health in IndiaMotohashi, Kazuki
2023Pecuniary emulation and invidious distinction: Signaling under behavioral diversityIshida, Junichiro; Suen, Wing-chuen
2023The effects of personal data management on competition and welfareCong, Jiajia; Matsushima, Noriaki
2023An experiment on a dynamic beauty contest gameHanaki, Nobuyuki; Takahashi, Yuta
2023Loss aversionImai, Taisuke; Schmidt, Klaus M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 652