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Lima, Ieda Maria de Oliveira
Figueiredo, José Carlos
Morita, Patrícia Alessandra
Gold, Philip
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Texto para Discussão 1344
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The aim of this study consisted in demonstrating how physical and operational characteristics in federal highways, both punctual and sistemic, propitiate the occurrence of traffic accidents with victims, and how the data base on traffic accidents of the Federal Road Policy (Datatran) can be used to guide agile and efficient field research, resulting in fast identification of contributing factors and in the elaboration of recommendations for its elimination or reduction. Field research was carried through in two selected highways: BR-116 and BR-324. The results showed many inadequate characteristics of federal highways that contribute to accidents. With this, it was possible to develop a methodology for identifying contributing factors to accidents, which are directly under the control of the managing entity of the highway, and that could be reduced or eliminated, resulting in the reduction of wounded victims and deceased, without the necessary envolvement of other entities, and without change in users? behavior and in the operational state of the fleet of vehicles.
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Working Paper
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