CRC Discussion Papers, Courant Research Centre Poverty, Equity and Growth, Universität Göttingen

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2017 Seasonal migration and feminization of farm management: Evidence from IndiaChandrasekhar, S.; Sahoo, Soham; Swaminathan, Hema
2017 Is there poverty convergence?Crespo Cuaresma, Jesús; Klasen, Stephan; Wacker, Konstantin M.
2017 Female empowerment, cultural effects and savings: Empirical evidence from IndiaFilipiak, Ute; Grohmann, Antonia; Heyerhorst, Franziska
2017 UNDP's gender-related measures: Current problems and proposals for fixing themKlasen, Stephan
2017 Nonparametric identification of random coefficients in endogenous and heterogeneous aggregate demandDunker, Fabian; Hoderlein, Stefan; Kaido, Hiroaki
2017 Tests for qualitative features in the random coefficients modelDunker, Fabian; Eckle, Konstantin; Proksch, Katharina; Schmidt-Hieber, Johannes
2017 Drivers of gendered sectoral and occupational segregation in developing countriesBorrowman, Mary; Klasen, Stephan
2017 Poverty and distributional effects of a carbon tax in MexicoRenner, Sebastian
2017 Can differences in benefits affect group investment into irrigation projects? Experimental evidence from Northern GhanaAsiedu, Edward; Groß, Elena
2017 Gender and multidimensional poverty in Nicaragua: An individual-based approachEspinoza-Delgado, José; Klasen, Stephan
2017 Do saving promotion interventions help alleviate poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa? A systematic review and meta-analysisSteinert, Janina I.; Zenker, Juliane; Filipiak, Ute; Movsisyan, Ani; Cluver, Lucie D.; Shenderovich, Yulia
2017 Cash crops as a sustainable pathway out of poverty? Panel data evidence on the heterogeneity of cocoa farmers in Sulawesi, IndonesiaHettig, Elisabeth; Lay, Jann; van Treeck, Katharina; Bruness, Martin; Asih, Dewi Nur; Nuryartono, Nunung
2017 Employment transitions of women in India: A panel analysisSarkar, Sudipa; Sahoo, Soham; Klasen, Stephan
2017 Vulnerability to poverty revisited: Flexible modeling and better predictive performanceHohberg, Maike; Landau, Katja; Kneib, Thomas; Klasen, Stephan; Zucchini, Walter
2017 The roots of female emancipation: From perennial cool water via pre-industrial late marriages to postindustrial gender equalitySantos Silva, Manuel; Alexander, Amy C.; Klasen, Stephan; Welzel, Christian
2017 The long-term consequences of the global 1918 influenza pandemic: A systematic analysis of 117 IPUMS international census data setsVollmer, Sebastian; Wójcik, Juditha
2017 Reconsidering the income-illness relationship using distributional regression: An application to GermanySilbersdorff, Alexander; Lynch, Julia; Klasen, Stephan; Kneib, Thomas
2017 Financial globalization and the labor share in developing countries: The type of capital mattersvan Treeck, Katharina; Wacker, Konstantin M.
2017 A new approach to treatment assignment for one and multiple treatment groupsSchneider, Sebastian O.; Schlather, Martin
2017 Can the World Bank's international poverty line reflect extreme poverty?Dotter, Caroline
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 241