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2021 Counting missing women - A reconciliation of the "flow measure" and the "stock measure"Ebert, Cara; Klasen, Stephan; Vollmer, Sebastian
2021 Does India use development finance to compete with China? A subnational analysisAsmus, Gerda; Eichenauer, Vera; Fuchs, Andreas; Parks, Bradley
2021 On the basis of (mis)trust? Spousal trust and trustworthiness in household decision making: Experimental evidence from IndiaSternberg, Henrike; Steinert, Janina; Vollmer, Sebastian
2021 The impact of grants in combination with school-based management trainings on primary education: A cluster-randomized trial in Northern NigeriaOchmann, Sophie; Owolabi, Kehinde Elijah; Olatunji-David, Folake; Okunlola, Niyi; Vollmer, Sebastian
2021 A new inequality-sensitive multidimensional deprivation index (MDI) for dichotomous variablesEspinoza-Delgado, José; Silber, Jacques
2021 The effect of SMS reminders on health screening uptake: A randomized experiment in IndonesiaMarcus, Maja E.; Reuter, Anna; Rogge, Lisa; Vollmer, Sebastian
2021 Effects of a large-scale participatory learning and action programme in women's groups on health, nutrition, water, sanitation, and hygiene: A cluster-randomized controlled trial in Bihar, IndiaBogler, Lisa; Bommer, Christian; Ebert, Cara; Kumar, Abhijeet; Subramanian, S. V.; Subramanyam, Malavika A.; Vollmer, Sebastian
2021 Does economic growth reduce multidimensional poverty? Evidence from low and middle-income countriesBalasubramanian, Pooja; Burchi, Francesco; Malerba, Daniele
2021 Impacts of double-fortified salt on anemia and cognition: Four-year follow-up evidence from a school-based nutrition intervention in Indiavon Grafenstein, Liza; Kumar, Abhijeet; Kumar, Santosh; Vollmer, Sebastian
2021 Social cohesion among Syrian und Turkish children, adolescents and young adults in TurkeyMittal, Nitya; Parigi, Marta; Vollmer, Sebastian
2020 Stimulant or depressant? Resource-related income shocks and conflictGehring, Kai; Langlotz, Sarah; Kienberger, Stefan
2020 Commitment or concealment? Impacts and use of a portable saving device: Evidence from a field experiment in urban IndiaSteinert, Janina Isabel; Satish, Rucha Vasumati; Stips, Felix; Vollmer, Sebastian
2020 Role of time preferences in explaining the burden of malnutrition: Evidence from urban IndiaDang, Archana
2020 Connective Financing: Chinese infrastructure projects and the diffusion of economic activity in developing countriesBluhm, Richard; Drehery, Axel; Fuchs, Andreas; Parks, Bradley; Strange, Austin M.; Tierneyk, Michael J.
2020 An alternative strategy to identify deprivations in multidimensional poverty: A partial least squares approachYoon, Jisu; Pasha, Atika
2020 Encouraging parents to invest: A randomized trial with two simple interventions in early childhoodEbert, Cara; Heesemann, Esther Luise; Vollmer, Sebastian
2020 Knowing versus doing: Protective health behavior against COVID-19 in IndonesiaChavarría, Eliana; Diba, Farah; Marcus, Maja E.; Marthoenis; Reuter, Anna; Rogge, Lisa; Vollmer, Sebastian
2020 The Multidimensional Stephan Klasen Exposure Index: Why Wonder woman should become a postdoc and wear white socks with sandalsBarros, Laura; von Grafenstein, Liza; Grosse, Melanie; Khan, Sarah; Lenel, Friederike; Orozco Garcia, Tatiana; Pérez-Alvarez, Marcello; Santos Silva, Manuel; Schupp, Claudia; Strulik, Holger
2020 Income inequality in Europe: What role does gender inequality play?Gehringer, Agnieszka; Klasen, Stephan; Villalobos Barría, Carlos
2020 Monitoring progress in multi-dimensional poverty reduction: A person-focused and inequality-sensitive approach with evidence from NicaraguaEspinoza-Delgado, José
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 285