IDB Working Paper Series, Inter-American Development Bank

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 The Border Labyrinth: Information Technologies and Trade in the Presence of Multiple AgenciesCarballo, Jerónimo; Graziano, Alejandro; Schaur, Georg; Volpe Martincus, Christian
2016 Motivation, Resources and the Organization of the School SystemAlbornoz, Facundo; Berlinski, Samuel G.; Cabrales, Antonio
2016 Endogenous Border TimesCarballo, Jerónimo; Graziano, Alejandro; Schaur, Georg; Volpe Martincus, Christian
2016 Transit TradeCarballo, Jerónimo; Schaur, Georg; Graziano, Alejandro; Volpe Martincus, Christian
2016 CustomsVolpe Martincus, Christian; Carballo, Jerónimo; Graziano, Alejandro
2016 Trust No One? Security and International TradeCarballo, Jerónimo; Schaur, Georg; Volpe Martincus, Christian
2016 The Impact of Business Support Services for Small and Medium Enterprises on Firm Performance in Low -and Middle- Income Countries: A Meta-AnalysisCravo, Túlio; Piza, Caio
2016 Exchange Rate Pass-through in South America: An OverviewBorensztein, Eduardo; Queijo von Heideken, Virginia
2016 Incumbent Advantage, Voter Information and Vote BuyingCruz, Cesi; Keefer, Philip; Labonne, Julien
2016 Gone with the Wind: Demographic Transitions and Domestic SavingCavallo, Eduardo; Sánchez, Gabriel; Valenzuela, Patricio
2016 Composition and Sensitivity of Residential Energy ConsumptionJimenez, Raul; Yepez-Garcia, Ariel
2016 Estimating the Impacts of a Fruit Fly Eradication Program in Peru: A Geographical Regression Discontinuity ApproachSalazar, Lina; Maffioli, Alessandro; Aramburu, Julián; Agurto Adrianzén, Marcos
2016 The Productivity Gap in Latin America: Lessons from 50 Years of DevelopmentFernández Arias, Eduardo; Rodríguez-Apolinar, Sergio
2016 Vote Buying or Campaign Promises? Electoral Strategies When Party Credibility is LimitedHanusch, Marek; Keefer, Philip; Vlaicu, Razvan
2016 Democracy Does Not Cause Growth: The Importance of Endogeneity ArgumentsPozuelo, Julia Ruiz; Slipowitz, Amy; Vuletin, Guillermo
2016 Impact Evaluation of the Job Youth Training Program ProjovenDíaz, Juan José; Rosas, David
2016 Cyclically Adjusted Provisions and Financial StabilityAgénor, Pierre-Richard; da Silva, Luiz A. Pereira
2016 Female Corporate Leadership in Latin America and the Caribbean Region: Representation and Firm-Level OutcomesFlabbi, Luca; Piras, Claudia; Abrahams, Scott
2016 The Unintended Consequences on Crime of "Pennies from Heaven"Montolio, Daniel
2016 In Search of Larger Per Capita Incomes: How To Prioritize across Productivity Determinants?Izquierdo, Alejandro; Llopis, Jimena; Muratori, Umberto; Ruiz, José Juan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 505