IDB Working Paper Series, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

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2021 Informalidad en los tiempos del COVID-19 en América Latina: Implicaciones y opciones de amortiguamientoAcevedo, Ivonne; Castellani, Francesca; Lotti, Giulia; Székely, Miguel
2021 De 70 a 700 a 70.000: Lecciones del estudio de JamaicaAraujo, María Caridad; Rubio-Codina, Marta; Schady, Norbert Rüdiger
2021 Crime under lockdown: The impact of COVID-19 on citizen security in the city of Buenos AiresPerez-Vincent, Santiago M.; Schargrodsky, Ernesto; García Mejía, Mauricio
2021 70 to 700 to 70,000: Lessons from the Jamaica experimentAraujo, María Caridad; Rubio-Codina, Marta; Schady, Norbert Rüdiger
2021 The impact of policy measures on trade in services in Latin America and the CaribbeanTrachtenberg, Danielle
2021 Decarbonization of Costa Rica's agriculture, forestry and other land uses sectors: An application of the IEEM+ESM approachBanerjee, Onil; Cicowiez, Martín; Vargas, Renato; Molina-Pérez, Edmundo; Malek, Žiga
2021 Trust, collaboration, and policy attitudes in the public sectorKeefer, Philip; Perilla, Sergio; Vlaicu, Razvan
2021 Another brick on the wall: On the effects of non-contributory pensions on material and subjective well beingBando Grana, Rosangela; Galiani, Sebastián; Gertler, Paul J.
2021 Unraveling the network of the extractive industriesBalza, Lenin H.; de los Rios, Camilo; Guerra, Alfredo; Herrera Prada, Luis Omar; Manzano, Osmel
2021 On the demand for telemedicine: Evidence from the Covid-19 pandemicBusso, Matias; González, María P.; Scartascini, Carlos G.
2021 Chasing informality: Evidence from increasing enforcement in large firms in PeruBosch Mossi, Mariano; González, Stephanie; Silva- Porto, Maria Teresa
2021 Economic valuation of the ecosystem services of the Mesoamerican Reef, and the allocation and distribution of these valuesRuiz de Gauna, Itziar; Markandya, Anil; Onofri, Laura; Greño, Francisco; Warman, Javier; Arce, Norma; Navarrete, Alejandra; Rivera, Marisol; Kobelkowsky, Rebeca; Vargas, Mayela; Hernández, Marisol
2021 Knowledge for development: The IDB's impact in the regionAvellán, Leopoldo; Calderón, Claudia; Lotti, Giulia; Wanner, Z'leste
2021 Reverse causality between oil policy and fiscal policy? The Venezuelan experienceManzano, Osmel; Saboin, José Luis
2021 Global giants and local stars: How changes in brand ownership affect competitionAlviarez, Vanessa; Head, Keith; Mayer, Thierry
2021 Fiscal rules and the behavior of public investment in Latin America and the Caribbean: Towards growth-friendly fiscal policy? The case of ArgentinaArtana, Daniel A.; Moskovits, Cynthia; Puig, Jorge; Templado, Ivana
2021 Firm-level shocks and labor flowsCarlsson, Mikael; Messina, Julián; Nordström Skans, Oskar
2021 Efectos económicos y ambientales del plan de descarbonización de Costa Rica: Una aplicación de la plataforma IEEM al sector de energía y transporteBanerjee, Onil; Cicowiez, Martín
2021 Citizenship and the economic assimilation of Canadian immigrantsZanoni López, Wladimir; He, Ailin
2021 Knowledge-based capital in a set of Latin American countries: The LA KLEMS-IDB projectBenages, Eva; Mas, Matilde
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 909