SAFE Working Papers, Leibniz-Institut für Finanzmarktforschung SAFE

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2020 Implied Volatility Duration: A measure for the timing of uncertainty resolutionSchlag, Christian; Thimme, Julian; Weber, Rüdiger
2020 Econometrics at scale: Spark up big data in economicsBluhm, Benjamin; Cutura, Jannic
2020 The Heterogeneous Cost of Wage Rigidity: Evidence and TheoryFaia, Ester; Pezone, Vincenzo
2020 Pain of Paying in a Business Cycle ModelMassenot, Baptiste
2020 Leverage and Bubbles: Experimental EvidenceGortner, Paul; Massenot, Baptiste
2019 Buildings' energy efficiency and the probability of mortgage default: The Dutch caseBillio, Monica; Costola, Michele; Pelizzon, Loriana; Riedel, Max
2019 The demand for central clearing: To clear or not to clear, that is the questionBellia, Mario; Girardi, Giulio; Panzica, Roberto; Pelizzon, Loriana; Peltonen, Tuomas
2019 Horizontal industry relationships and return predictabilitySchlag, Christian; Zeng, Kailin
2019 Belief formation and belief updating under ambiguity: Evidence from experimentsLi, Wenhui; Wilde, Christian
2019 Liquidity Provision: Normal Times vs CrashesJagannathan, Ravi; Pelizzon, Loriana; Schaumburg, Ernst; Getmansky, Mila; Yuferova, Darya
2019 Rigid wages and contracts: Time- versus state-dependent wages in the NetherlandsGrajales-Olarte, Anderson; Uras, Burak R.; Vellekoop, Nathanael
2019 Does say on pay matter? Evidence from GermanyTröger, Tobias H.; Walz, Uwe
2019 The collateralizability premiumAi, Hengjie; Li, Jun E.; Li, Kai; Schlag, Christian
2019 Spillovers of funding dry-upsAldasoro, Inaki; Balke, Florian; Barth, Andreas; Eren, Egemen
2019 Inflation expectations and choices of householdsVellekoop, Nathanael; Wiederholt, Mirko
2019 Quasi-dark trading: The effects of banning dark pools in a world of many alternativesJohann, Thomas; Putnins, Talis; Sagade, Satchit; Westheide, Christian
2019 Depressed demand and supplyMassenot, Baptiste; Nghiem, Giang
2019 Equilibrium asset pricing in directed networksBranger, Nicole; Konermann, Patrick; Meinerding, Christoph; Schlag, Christian
2019 The anatomy of the euro area interest rate swap marketFontana, Silvia Dalla; Holz auf der Heide, Marco; Pelizzon, Loriana; Scheicher, Martin
2019 CEO investment of deferred compensation plans and firm performanceCambrea, Domenico Rocco; Colonnello, Stefano; Curatola, Giuliano; Fantini, Giulia
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 266
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