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2022 Social media, polarization and democracy: A multi-methods analysis of polarized users' interactions on Reddit's r/WallStreetBetsMassoc, Elsa; Lubda, Maximilian
2022 Artificial intelligence, ethics, and diffused pivotalityKlockmann, Victor; von Schenk, Alicia; Villeval, Marie-Claire
2022 Solidarity without conditionality: Comparing the EU Covid-19 safety nets SURE, pandemic Crisis Support, and European Guarantee FundLindner, Vincent
2022 Extreme inflation and time-varying expected consumption growthDergunov, Ilya; Meinerding, Christoph; Schlag, Christian
2022 Artificial intelligence, ethics, and intergenerational responsibilityKlockmann, Victor; von Schenk, Alicia; Villeval, Marie-Claire
2022 Fifty shades of hatred and discontent: Varieties of anti-finance discourses on the European Twitter (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK)Massoc, Elsa Clara
2022 Political science research on the reasons for the (non) adoption and (non) implementation of EMU reform proposals: The state of the artLindner, Vincent; Eckert, Sandra; Nölke, Andreas
2022 National interests and supranational resolution in the European Banking UnionTröger, Tobias; Kotovskaia, Anastasia
2022 The limits of joint-institutional frameworks for sectoral governance in EU-Swiss bilateral relations: Lessons for future relations with the UKEckert, Sandra
2022 Time inconsistency and overdraft use: Evidence from transaction data and behavioral measurement experimentsGill, Andrej; Hett, Florian; Tischer, Johannes
2022 Personality-augmented MPC: Linking survey and transaction data to explain MPC heterogeneity by Big Five personality traitsNemeczek, Fabian; Radermacher, Jan
2022 Sustainable finance: A journey toward ESG and climate riskBillio, Monica; Costola, Michele; Hristova, Iva; Latino, Carmelo; Pelizzon, Loriana
2022 Private companies: The missing link on the path to net zeroGözlügöl, Alperen A.; Ringe, Wolf-Georg
2022 Rescue policies for small businesses in the COVID-19 recessionDi Nola, Alessandro; Kaas, Leo; Wang, Haomin
2022 A corporate finance perspective on environmental policyHeider, Florian; Inderst, Roman
2022 Socially optimal sustainability standards with non-consequentialist ("warm glow") investorsInderst, Roman; Opp, Markus
2022 Frequent batch auctions and informed tradingEibelshäuser, Steffen; Smetak, Fabian
2021 The FOMC risk shiftKroencke, Tim-Alexander; Schmeling, Maik; Schrimpf, Andreas
2021 Recovery from fast crashes: Role of mutual fundsJagannathan, Ravi; Pelizzon, Loriana; Schaumburg, Ernst; Getmansky Sherman, Mila; Yuferova, Darya
2021 Global realignment in financial market dynamics: Evidence from ETF networksBillio, Monica; Lo, Andrew W.; Pelizzon, Loriana; Getmansky, Mila; Zareei, Abalfazl
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 348
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