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2023 Optimal policy under dollar pricingEgorov, Konstantin; Mukhin, Dmitry
2023 How speculative asset characteristics shape retail investors' selling behaviorBernard, Sabine Esther; Weber, Martin; Loos, Benjamin
2023 Mutual fund shareholder letters: Flows, performance, and managerial behaviorHillert, Alexander; Niessen-Ruenzi, Alexandra; Ruenzi, Stefan
2023 Who should hold bail-inable debt and how can regulators police holding restrictions effectively?Mecatti, Irene; Tröger, Tobias
2023 Mamma Mia! Revealing hidden heterogeneity by PCA-biplot: MPC puzzle for Italy's elderly poorRadermacher, Jan W.
2023 The role of personality traits in household loan expectations and borrowing constraintsGoldfayn-Frank, Olga; Vellekoop, Nathanael
2023 Age, wealth, and the MPC in Europe: A supervised machine learning approachDutt, Satyajit; Radermacher, Jan W.
2023 Do gamblers invest in lottery stocks?Kormanyos, Emily; Hanspal, Tobin; Hackethal, Andreas
2022 Common ownership and the (non-)transparency of institutional shareholdings: An EU-US comparisonSteuer, Sebastian
2022 Good peers, good apples? Peer effects in portfolio qualityBalakina, Olga; Bäckman, Claes; Hackethal, Andreas; Hanspal, Tobin; Lammer, Dominique Marcel
2022 Safe asset shortage and collateral reuseJank, Stephan; Mönch, Emanuel; Schneider, Michael
2022 Creditworthiness and buildings' energy efficiency in the Italian mortgage marketBillio, Monica; Costola, Michele; Pelizzon, Loriana; Riedel, Max
2022 Skewness preferences: Evidence from online pokerDertwinkel-Kalt, Markus; Kasinger, Johannes; Schneider, Dmitrij
2022 Time inconsistency and overdraft use: Evidence from transaction data and behavioral measurement experimentsGill, Andrej; Hett, Florian; Tischer, Johannes
2022 Personality-augmented MPC: Linking survey and transaction data to explain MPC heterogeneity by Big Five personality traitsNemeczek, Fabian; Radermacher, Jan
2022 Sustainable finance: A journey toward ESG and climate riskBillio, Monica; Costola, Michele; Hristova, Iva; Latino, Carmelo; Pelizzon, Loriana
2022 Private companies: The missing link on the path to net zeroGözlügöl, Alperen A.; Ringe, Wolf-Georg
2022 Rescue policies for small businesses in the COVID-19 recessionDi Nola, Alessandro; Kaas, Leo; Wang, Haomin
2022 A corporate finance perspective on environmental policyHeider, Florian; Inderst, Roman
2022 Socially optimal sustainability standards with non-consequentialist ("warm glow") investorsInderst, Roman; Opp, Markus
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 382
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