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Hassan, Mehmood Ul
Hornidge, Anna-Katharina
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ZEF Working Paper Series No. 63
In 2008, the BMBF-funded, interdisciplinary research project 'Economic and Ecological Restructuring of Land- and Water Use in the Region Khorezm (Uzbekistan) initiated a participatory approach to innovation development and diffusion with local stakeholders. Since mid 2008, four selected agricultural project innovations are jointly tested by teams of researchers, local farmers and water managers under real-life settings. While the activities during the first year focussed on induced learning by scientists, the second year's emphasis was on the identification of and integration with the appropriate stakeholders and the conducting of jointly designed and implemented experiments to test, validate, and if needed, adapt the selected innovation packages. This paper documents these and focuses on the sub-processes within each team, how the team members understood and approached stakeholder collaboration, how they operationalised their scientific thinking into practical steps, and what impacts these processes had in terms of improving or validating the innovations.
Transdisciplinary innovation research
participatory innovation development
Stakeholder involvement
Innovation Diffusion
Central Asia
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Working Paper

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