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Bergasse, Emmanuel
Paczynski, Wojciech
Dabrowski, Marek
De Wulf, Luc
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CASE Network Reports 112
This report aims to identify, explain and detail the links and interactions in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries (SEMCs) between energy supply and demand and socio-economic development, as well as the potential role of energy supply and demand policies on both. Another related aim is to identify and analyse, in a quantitative and qualitative way, the changing role of energy (both demand and supply) in southern Mediterranean economies, focusing on its positive and negative impact on socio-economic development. This report investigates in particular: * The most important channels through which resource wealth can contribute to or hamper economic and social development in the analysed region; * Mechanisms and channels of relations between energy supply and demand policies and economic and social development. The burdens of energy subsidies and 'oil syndrome' are of particular relevance for the region. An integrated socio-economic development and energy policy scenario approach showing the potential benefits and synergies within countries and the region is developed in the final part of the report.
Southern Mediterranean Countries (SEMCs)
socio-economic development
energy demand
energy efficiency
energy prices
energy subsidies
resource curse
Dutch disease
oil syndrome
energy policy
socio-economic development strategy
targeted subsidies
integrated energy strategy
energy efficiency action plans
renewable energy action plans
climate policy
regional Mediterranean energy cooperation
Arab Spring
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Working Paper
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