Economics Working Papers, Department of Economics, Universität Kiel

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2018 Inference for nonlinear state space models: A comparison of different methods applied to Markov-switching multifractal modelsLux, Thomas
2018 Multilayer overlaps and correlations in the bank-firm credit network of SpainLuu, Duc Thi; Lux, Thomas
2018 Challenging conventional wisdom: Experimental evidence on heterogeneity and coordination in avoiding a collective catastrophic eventWaichman, Israel; Requate, Till; Karde, Markus; Milinski, Manfred
2018 An analysis of systematic risk in worldwide econonomic sentiment indicesLuu, Duc Thi; Yanovski, Boyan; Lux, Thomas
2018 Duration dependence as an unemployment stigma: Evidence from a field experiment in GermanyNüß, Patrick
2018 Income inequality and the international transfer of environmental valuesMeya, Jasper N.; Drupp, Moritz A.; Hanley, Nick
2018 A structural approach to identify financial transmission in distinguished scenarios of crisesHerwartz, Helmut; Roestel, Jan
2018 Relative prices and climate policy: How the scarcity of non-market goods drives policy evaluationDrupp, Moritz A.; Hänsel, Martin C.
2018 Tell the truth or not? The Montero mechanism for emissions control at workRequate, Tilman; Camacho-Cuena, Eva; Ch'ng, Kean Siang; Waichman, Israel
2018 On the estimation of behavioral macroeconomic models via simulated maximum likelihoodKukacka, Jiri; Jang, Tae-Seok; Sacht, Stephen
2018 Forecast heuristics, consumer expectations, and new-Keynesian macroeconomics: A horse raceJang, Tae-Seok; Sacht, Stephen
2018 Macroeconomic dynamics under bounded rationality: On the impact of consumers' forecast heuristicsJang, Tae-Seok; Sacht, Stephen
2017 Economic inequality and the value of natureDrupp, Moritz A.; Meya, Jasper N.; Baumgärtner, Stefan; Quaas, Martin F.
2017 Estimation of agent-based models using sequential Monte Carlo methodsLux, Thomas
2017 Do age complementarities affect labor productivity? Evidence from German firm level dataPeters, Jan Cornelius
2017 Modeling consumer confidence and its role for expectation formation: A horse raceJang, Tae-Seok; Sacht, Stephen
2017 The impact of growth on unemployment in a low vs. a high inflation environmentTesfaselassie, Mewael F.; Wolters, Maik H.
2017 Quantifying the effect of labor market size on learning externalitiesPeters, Jan Cornelius
2017 Structural correlations in the Italian overnight money market: An analysis based on network configuration modelsLuu, Duc Thi; Lux, Thomas; Yanovski, Boyan
2017 On the distribution of links in financial networks: Structural heterogeneity and functional formLux, Thomas
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 223
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