MNB Occasional Papers, Magyar Nemzeti Bank

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014 Discriminatory versus uniform-price auctionsMonostori, Zoltán
2013 International experiences and domestic opportunities of applying unconventional monetary policy toolsKrekó, Judit; Balogh, Csaba; Lehmann, Kristóf; Mátrai, Róbert; Pulai, György; Vonnák, Balázs
2013 Interest rate derivative markets in Hungary between 2009 and 2012 in light of the K14 datasetKocsis, Zalán; Csávás, Csaba; Mák, István; Pulai, György
2013 Transforming subsidiaries into branches: Should we be worrying about it?Fáykiss, Péter; Grosz, Gabriella; Szigel, Gábor
2012 The role of the interchange fee in card payment systemsKeszy-Harmath, Éva; Kóczán, Gergely; Kováts, Surd; Martinovic, Boris; Takács, Kristóf
2012 Wage setting in Hungary: Evidence from a firm surveyKézdi, Gábor; Kónya, István
2012 How are firm's wages and prices linked: Survey evidence in EuropeDruant, Martine; Fabiani, Silvia; Kézdi, Gábor; Lamo, Ana; Martins, Fernando; Sabbatini, Roberto
2012 A system-wide financial stress indicator for the Hungarian financial systemHolló, Dániel
2012 Network-based analyses of Hungarian cash supplyBódi-Schubert, Anikó; Ábrahám, Zsolt; Lajkó, Erika
2011 Nothing is free: A survey of the social cost of the main payment instruments in HungaryTurján, Anikó; Divéki, Éva; Keszy-Harmath, Éva; Kóczán, Gergely; Takács, Kristóf
2011 Moving target indication: Fiscal indicators employed by the Magyar Nemzeti BankKiss, Gábor P.
2011 Identifying supply and demand in the Hungarian corporate loan marketSóvágó, Sándor
2011 The map of payments in HungaryHelmeczi, István
2011 The role of currency swaps in the domestic banking system and the functioning of the swap market during the crisisPáles, Judit; Kuti, Zsolt; Csávás, Csaba
2010 Foreign currency borrowing of housholds in new EU member statesCsajbók, Attila; Hudecz, András; Tamási, Bálint
2009 Export structure and export specialisation in Central and Eastern European countriesMunkácsi, Zsuzsa
2009 The information content of Hungarian sovereign CDS spreadsVarga, Lóránt
2009 Exchange rate exposure of Hungarian enterprises - Results of a surveyBodnár, Katalin
2009 Secondary market trading infrastructure of government securitiesBalogh, Csaba; Kóczán, Gergely
2009 Postal payment services in HungaryTurján, Anikó
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 64