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Popović, Milenko
Čiymović, Mirjana
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[Conference:] International Scientific Conference: The Role and Responsibility of State in Ensuring Economic Growth, Faculty of Economics & RifiN, Zagreb, October 2013
The topic of this paper is comparative analysis of the economic growth in the former SFRY countries. The paper is primarily devoted to the analysis of the sources of economic growth in these countries. In this regard, apart from conventional decomposition of growth (contributions of capital, labor and total factor productivity), the demand and the industry composition sides of the sources-of-growth analyses have also been considered. Furthermore, the reserves for further rise in GDP per capita have been identified and estimated on the basis of obtained results. Special attention has been paid to possible increase in the total factor productivity induced by the advance in “broader knowledge” as well as to increase in the labor participation rate. Institutional and policy prerequisites for realization of these reserves of growth are also briefly analysed.
sources of growth
growth reserves
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Expected to be published in last issue of 2013 year Zagreb's Economics / Ekonomija.
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Conference Paper
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Manuscript Version (Preprint)
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