Danmarks Nationalbank Working Papers

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015 Estimates of the national wealth of Denmark 1845-2013Abildgren, Kim
2015 Real rigidities and the cross-sectional distribution of price stickiness: Evidence from micro and macro data combinedDam, Niels Arne; Carvalho, Carlos Eduardo; Lee, Jae Won
2015 Firm leverage and investment during the cirsisKuchler, Andreas
2015 Precautionary borrowing and the credit card debt puzzleDruedahl, Jeppe; Jørgensen, Casper Nordal
2015 The Danish natural real rate of interest and secular stagnationPedersen, Jesper
2015 Loan types, leverage, and savings behaviour of Danish householdsKuchler, Andreas
2015 Benefit reentitlement conditions in unemployment insurance schemesAndersen, Torben M.; Kristoffersen, Mark Strøm; Svarer, Michael
2015 The short-term Danish interbank market before, during and after the financial crisisAbildgren, Kim; Albrechtsen, Nicolaj; Kristoffersen, Mark Strøm; Nielsen, Søren Truels; Tommerup, Rasmus
2014 Corporate capital structure and profitability, productivity and access to financeAbildgren, Kim; Jensen, Carina Moselund; Hansen, Mark Niels Strøger; Kristoffersen, Mark Strøm; Skakoun, Oxana
2014 A Taylor rule for fiscal policy in a fixed exchange rate regimePedersen, Jesper; Ravn, Søren Hove
2014 Household debt and consumption during the financial crisis: Evidence from Danish micro dataAndersen, Asger Lau; Duus, Charlotte; Jensen, Thais Lærkholm
2013 Leading indicators of distress in Danish banks in the period 2008-12Buchholst, Birgitte Vølund; Rangvid, Jesper
2013 Large sigma events in the European FX markets: Stylised facts from 273 years of quarterly dataAbildgren, Kim
2013 Stress scenarios from the tails of historical distributions of macro-financial risk factors in DenmarkAbildgren, Kim
2013 The efficiency of Danish banks before and during the crisis: A comparison of DEA and SFAKuchler, Andreas
2013 What drives the business cycle in a small open economy? Evidence from an estimated DSGE Model of the Danish economyPedersen, Jesper; Ravn, Søren Hove
2012 Asymmetric monetary policy towards the stock market: A DSGE approachRavn, Søren Hove
2012 Liquidity in government versus covered bond marketsDick-Nielsen, Jens; Gyntelberg, Jacob; Sangill, Thomas
2012 A micro-econometric analysis of the banks' loan rejection rates and the creditworthiness of the banks' corporate customersAbildgren, Kim; Drejer, Peter Askjær; Kuchler, Andreas
2012 The interplay between credit standards and credit demand: Microeconometric evidence from DenmarkKuchler, Andreas
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 100