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2024Rich and responsible: Is ESG a luxury good?Andersen, Steffen; Chebotarev, Dmitry; Filali-Adib, Fatima Zahra; Nielsen, Kasper M.
2024Monetary policy transmission in DenmarkLarsen, Rasmus Bisgaard; Weissert, Christoffer Jessen
2024Describing interest-only mortgage borrowers' savings and spending using Danish register dataAndersen, Henrik Yde; Bech, Stine Ludvig
2024Greater than the sum of its parts: Aggregate vs aggregated inflation expectationsDietrich, Alexander M.; Knotek, Edward S.; Myrseth, Kristian Ove R.; Rich, Robert W.; Schoenle, Raphael; Weber, Michael
2024Financial frictions: Micro vs. macro volatilityFaccini, Renato; Lee, Seungcheol; Luetticke, Ralph; Ravn, Morten O.; Renkin, Tobias
2024Measuring market-based core inflation expectationsGrønlund, Asger Munch; Jørgensen, Kasper; Schupp, Fabian
2024Big news: Climate change and the business cycleDietrich, Alexander M.; Schoenle, Raphael; Müller, Gernot J.
2023The Danish problemEichengreen, Barry
2023A fiscal theory of persistent inflationBianchi, Francesco; Faccini, Renato; Melosi, Leonardo
2023Drivers of real interest rates in a two-country, general-equilibrium, OLG modelChristensen, Frederik Bjørn; Pedersen, Jesper
2023When credit expansions become troublesome: The story of investor sentimentsGerba, Eddie; Leiva Leon, Danilo; Pöschl, Johannes
2023Firm cyclicality and financial frictionsClymo, Alex; Rozsypal, Filip
2022Job retention during the Covid-19 pandemicBorgensgaard, Pernille Valentin
2022Wage effects of labor market tightnessHoeck, Christian Philip
2022Segmentation of the housing market with internet data: Evidence from DenmarkAdolfsen, Jakob Feveile; Mønsted, Bjarke Mørch; Bay Schmith, Adrian Michael; Tang-Andersen Martinello, Alessandro; Gudiksen, Simon; Sonberg, Kasper Fredløv
2022Opportunities and risks in the residential sector during a green transition: House prices, energy renovations and rising energy pricesTang-Andersen Martinello, Alessandro; Møller, Niels Framroze
2022What do negative policy rate economies have in common?Grønlund, Asger Munch; Krogstrup, Signe; Spange, Morten
2022Walking the talk? Firm emissions and disclosure during the third phase of the EU emissions trading systemGrenestam, Erik
2021Monetary and fiscal policies in times of large debt: Unity is strengthBianchi, Francesco; Faccini, Renato; Melosi, Leonardo
2021Overpersistence bias in individual income expectations and its aggregate implicationsRozsypal, Filip; Schlafmann, Kathrin
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 205