Danmarks Nationalbank Working Papers

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2021 Measuring household interest-rate sensitivity in DenmarkBech, Stine Ludvig; Mikkelsen, Jakob Guldbæk
2021 The portfolio balance channel of quantitative easing in a DSGE model with financial frictionsNelson, Genevieve
2021 Consumer good search: Theory and evidenceDarougheh, Saman
2021 Nowcasting and forecasting economic activity in Denmark using payment system dataBentsen, Kristian Nørgaard; Gorea, Denis
2021 Detecting turning points in the Danish economy in real timePedersen, Jesper
2021 Corporate investment and cash holdings under financing shocksCucic, Dominic
2021 Securitization and house price growthNelson, Genevieve
2021 Regulating liquidity risk in mutual fundsCucic, Dominic
2021 How news affects sectoral stock prices through earnings expectations and risk premiaHvid, Anna Kirstine; Kristiansen, Kristian Loft
2021 Overpersistence bias in individual income expectations and its aggregate implicationsRozsypal, Filip; Schlafmann, Kathrin
2021 The role of refinancing in the interest rate pass-through to fixed-rate mortgage contractsHensch, Jonas Ladegaard
2021 The value of bond underwriter relationshipsvon Rüden, Stine Louise; Dick-Nielsen, Jens; Stenbo Nielsen, Mads Stenbo
2021 Monetary policy expectation errorsSteffensen, Sigurd Anders Muus; Schmeling, Maik; Schrimpf, Andreas
2021 Are climate change risks priced in the U.S. Stock market?Faccini, Renato; Matin, Rastin; Skiadopoulos, George
2021 QE in a quasi-preferred habitat: The case of the Danish pension sector and the ECB asset purchase programmeAutrup, Søren Lejsgaard; Jensen, Jakob Roager
2021 Stock market evidence on the international transmission channels of US monetary policy surprisesMaurer, Tim Dominik; Nitschka, Thomas
2021 Female business owners pay higher interest rates on corporate loansMartinello, Alessandro Tang-Andersen; Mønsted, Bjarke; Matin, Rastin; Steffensen, Sigurd Anders Muus; Holm Laursen, Karen
2020 Banking panic risk and macroeconomic uncertaintyMikkelsen, Jakob Guldbæk; Poeschl, Johannes
2020 Modeling frailty correlated defaults with multivariate latent factorsChristoffersen, Benjamin; Matin, Rastin
2020 The impact of inflation targeting: Testing the good luck hypothesisRavenna, Federico; Ingholt, Marcus Mølbak
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 184