Danmarks Nationalbank Working Papers

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017 Non-parametric estimation of marginal propensities to consume: The case of regression splinesJørgensen, Casper Nordal; Kuchler, Andreas
2017 What are the effects of changes in taxation and new types of mortgages on the real economy?: The case of Denmark during the 00'sPedersen, Jesper
2017 Revisiting potential output in DenmarkDanielsen, Troels Kromand; Jørgensen, Casper Winther Nguyen; Jensen, Rasmus Mose
2017 Incorporating funding costs in top-down stress testsKorsgaard, Søren
2017 Financial cycles: What are they and what do they look like in Denmark?Grinderslev, Oliver Juhler; Kramp, Paul Lassenius; Kronborg, Anders Farver; Pedersen, Jesper
2017 Consumption and savings in a low interest-rate environmentHviid, Simon Juul; Kuchler, Andreas
2017 A leading indicator of house-price bubblesHviid, Simon Juul
2016 An estimated DSGE model for Denmark with housing, banking, and financial frictionsPedersen, Jesper
2016 Systemic risk in Danish banks: Implementing SRISK in a Danish contextGrinderslev, Oliver Juhler; Kristiansen, Kristian Loft
2016 Geographical job mobility and wage flexibility in DenmarkKristoffersen, Mark Strøm
2016 Credit standards and capital allocation in a low interest rate environmentAndersen, Svend Greniman; Kuchler, Andreas
2016 Modelling Danish government bond yields in a low-rate environmentChristensen, Nicolaj H.; Nysteen, Anders; Pedersen, Niklas B. D.
2016 175 years of financial risks and returns in central bankingAbildgren, Kim
2016 Overoptimism and house price bubblesAbildgren, Kim; Hansen, Niels Lynggård; Kuchler, Andreas
2015 Real rigidities and the cross-sectional distribution of price stickiness: Evidence from micro and macro data combinedDam, Niels Arne; Carvalho, Carlos Eduardo; Lee, Jae Won
2015 Benefit reentitlement conditions in unemployment insurance schemesAndersen, Torben M.; Kristoffersen, Mark Strøm; Svarer, Michael
2015 The Danish natural real rate of interest and secular stagnationPedersen, Jesper
2015 Firm leverage and investment during the cirsisKuchler, Andreas
2015 Precautionary borrowing and the credit card debt puzzleDruedahl, Jeppe; Jørgensen, Casper Nordal
2015 Loan types, leverage, and savings behaviour of Danish householdsKuchler, Andreas
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 117