Danmarks Nationalbank Working Papers

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015 Real rigidities and the cross-sectional distribution of price stickiness: Evidence from micro and macro data combinedDam, Niels Arne; Carvalho, Carlos Eduardo; Lee, Jae Won
2015 The Danish natural real rate of interest and secular stagnationPedersen, Jesper
2015 Benefit reentitlement conditions in unemployment insurance schemesAndersen, Torben M.; Kristoffersen, Mark Strøm; Svarer, Michael
2015 Loan types, leverage, and savings behaviour of Danish householdsKuchler, Andreas
2015 Precautionary borrowing and the credit card debt puzzleDruedahl, Jeppe; Jørgensen, Casper Nordal
2015 The short-term Danish interbank market before, during and after the financial crisisAbildgren, Kim; Albrechtsen, Nicolaj; Kristoffersen, Mark Strøm; Nielsen, Søren Truels; Tommerup, Rasmus
2015 Firm leverage and investment during the cirsisKuchler, Andreas
2015 Estimates of the national wealth of Denmark 1845-2013Abildgren, Kim
2014 Corporate capital structure and profitability, productivity and access to financeAbildgren, Kim; Jensen, Carina Moselund; Hansen, Mark Niels Strøger; Kristoffersen, Mark Strøm; Skakoun, Oxana
2014 A Taylor rule for fiscal policy in a fixed exchange rate regimePedersen, Jesper; Ravn, Søren Hove
2014 Household debt and consumption during the financial crisis: Evidence from Danish micro dataAndersen, Asger Lau; Duus, Charlotte; Jensen, Thais Lærkholm
2013 Large sigma events in the European FX markets: Stylised facts from 273 years of quarterly dataAbildgren, Kim
2013 Leading indicators of distress in Danish banks in the period 2008-12Buchholst, Birgitte Vølund; Rangvid, Jesper
2013 The efficiency of Danish banks before and during the crisis: A comparison of DEA and SFAKuchler, Andreas
2013 What drives the business cycle in a small open economy? Evidence from an estimated DSGE Model of the Danish economyPedersen, Jesper; Ravn, Søren Hove
2013 Stress scenarios from the tails of historical distributions of macro-financial risk factors in DenmarkAbildgren, Kim
2012 Faste og variable omkostninger ved betalinger i DanmarkJacobsen, Johan Gustav Kaas
2012 Financial structures and the real effects of credit-supply shocks in Denmark 1922-2011Abildgren, Kim
2012 The effects of fiscal policy in a small open economy with a fixed exchange rate: The case of DenmarkRavn, Søren Hove; Spange, Morten
2012 Liquidity in government versus covered bond marketsDick-Nielsen, Jens; Gyntelberg, Jacob; Sangill, Thomas
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 100