Jahrestagung des Vereins für Socialpolitik 2013: Wettbewerbspolitik und Regulierung in einer globalen Wirtschaftsordnung

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Session Title No. of documents
B20 Applied Time Series 3
G16 Auctions and Contests 3
E16 Auctions and Leadership in Experiments 3
F16 Auctions and Licensing 3
A19 Banking 2
D19 Banks and Crisis 3
D05 Behavioral Economics, Underlying Principles 3
C15 Belief Formation 3
A21 Bond and Stock Prices 2
A02 Business Cycles I 3
B02 Business Cycles II 2
D13 Cartels and Tacit Collusion 2
A04 Climate Policy I 3
D04 Climate Policy II 3
E04 Climate Policy III 3
A15 Coalitions and Negotiations 3
B12 Collective Decisions and Aggregation 3
C13 Competition Policy 3
A05 Contracts: Theory and Experiments 2
E06 Corporate Taxation 3
C19 Crisis 2
D18 Cyclical Labor Market Dynamics in Germany 3
G06 Debt Crisis 2
E03 Decentral Governments 3
A17 Dynamic Models of Duopoly and Labor Markets 3
D10 Economic Development and Technological Change 3
F12 Economic History: Labour 3
B07 Education and Social Mobility 1
D15 Effort , Incentive, Fairness 3
C07 Effort Compensation 3
B03 Electoral Control 3
F18 Empirical Labor Economics 2
A12 Empirical Public Choice 3
F13 Empirics: Markets and Media 3
C16 Entreprenneurship 3
B04 Environment, Regions, and Innovation 3
D12 Equilibrium and Prices 2
F15 Evolution of Networks and Games 1
F22 Evolution of Networks and Games 1
E01 Exchange Rates 2
C21 Expectation and Fluctuations 3
G05 Experiments on Gender Differences 3
A11 Family and Fertility 3
D11 Fertility 3
F02 Financial Frictions and Business Cycles 2
B19 Financial Markets and Macroeconomics 3
G02 Financial Stability 3
E12 Firm Behavior 3
C14 Firm Organization 3
D01 Fiscal Policy 3
C01 Fiscal Rules 2
E20 Forecasting 3
E15 Game Theory 3
F08 Global Current Account Imbalances 2
C02 Growth 3
C04 Growth and Environment 3
G07 Health Economics 3
E07 Health and Education: Empirics 2
F07 Health and the Economy 2
C12 Household Behavior 3
G10 Housing 3
B11 Human Capital 3
B15 Incentives 3
E21 Inflation Expectations 3
G15 Information Rigidities and Expectation Formation 3
G21 International Financial Markets 3
D08 International Trade and Finance 2
A16 Issues in Auctions 3
G11 Job Search 3
B17 Labor Market Dynamics 2
A18 Labor Market Policies and Job Loss 3
C18 Labor Market Reform in Germany 2
E05 Labor Relations in Experiments 2
D17 Labor Supply 3
E17 Labour Markets 3
D21 Leverage 3
C11 Life Satisfaction 3
E19 Liquidity and Regulation 2
D03 Lobbying and Elections 3
D14 Managers: Behaviour and Wages 3
E14 Market Theory and Applications 3
F20 Mathematical and Quantitative Methods 3
F19 Measuring debt crisis phenomena in Europe 2
A13 Media Economics 2
G13 Media und Platform Competition 2
B13 Mergers and Competition Policy 3
D20 Microeconometrics 3
D16 Migration 2
G08 Migration and Cultural Differences 1
C20 Moment Matching: Application of an Alternative Estimation Approach in Macroeconomics 3
A01 Monetary Policy 2
B01 Monetary Policy II 1
G01 Monetary Unions 3
F11 Occupational Choice and Self-Employment 3
B16 Offshoring 3
G14 Oligopoly 3
D02 Open Economy Macroeconomics 3
C17 Pay and Performance 3
C03 Political Economy 3
F06 Public Economics: Theory 2
B05 Public Goods and Reference Points 2
F05 Punishment and Debt in Experiments 2
A10 R&D and Innovation I 3
C10 R&D and Innovation II 3
B18 Regional Labor Markets 3
A14 Regulated Industries 2
F14 Regulated Industries - Theory 2
B14 Regulation of Financial Markets 3
G12 Risk Sharing and Measurement 2
G20 Risk Sharing in Developing Countries 3
E11 SOEP Analysis 4
G04 Search 2
A03 Social Values and Political Attitudes 3
D09 Sovereign Debt 2
B09 Sovereign Risk 3
E02 Subjective Longevity Risk and Life-Cycle Decision Making 1
C06 Tax Evasion and Labor Supply 2
A06 Taxation I 2
B06 Taxation II 3
D06 Taxation of Multinationals 2
F10 Technological Change 3
G19 Theory of Banking Regulation 2
B08 Trade Policy 3
E08 Trade and Heterogeneity 3
C08 Trade and Imperfect Competition 3
A08 Trade and Unemployment 1
D07 Training and Apprenticeship 3
B21 Uncertainty in Macroeconomics and Asset Pricing 2
F17 Unions and Works Councils 3
A20 Unit Roots and Cointegration 1
A07 University Enrollment and Student Achievement 3
B10 Urban Economics I 3
E10 Urban Economics II 3
C05 Values, Virtues and Equity in Experiments 2
E13 Vertical Restraints and Retail 3
F01 Volatility 2
G18 Wage Differentials 3
E18 Wages in Germany 3
F03 Welfare Economics 3
G03 Welfare State 3
G17 Women and the Labor Market 3
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