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Quinke, Barbara
Selinski, Silvia
Golka, Klaus
Blaszkewicz, M.
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Technical Report, SFB 475: Komplexitätsreduktion in Multivariaten Datenstrukturen, Universität Dortmund 2000,03
A basic step in the risk assessment of potential carcinogens is the determination of toxicokinetic parameters. The present approach is part of a strategy to determine the processes of uptake, elimination, and metabolism of the gas ethylene, an important industrial chemical, which is classified in category 3 of carcinogenic substances in the German list of MAK- and BAT-values. This paper deals with the calibration, which is indispensable to determine the decline of atmospheric concentrations of ethylene within a broad range of initial concentrations applied in an inhalation experiment.
ethylene oxide
population toxicokinetics
risk assessment
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Working Paper

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