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2021 On the plausibility of the latent ignorability assumptionHuber, Martin
2021 Nonfractional long-range dependence: Long memory, antipersistence, and aggregationVera-Valdés, J. Eduardo
2021 Interdependency pattern recognition in econometrics: A penalized regularization antidoteNtotsis, Kimon; Karagrigoriou, Alex; Artemiou, Andreas
2021 Does the choice of realized covariance measures empirically matter? A Bayesian density prediction approachJin, Xin; Liu, Jia; Yang, Qiao
2021 Estimating the competitive storage model with stochastic trends in commodity pricesOsmundsen, Kjartan Kloster; Kleppe, Tore Selland; Liesenfeld, Roman; Oglend, Atle
2021 Climate finance: Mapping air pollution and finance market in time seriesFang, Zheng; Xie, Jianying; Peng, Ruiming; Wang, Sheng
2021 Second-order least squares estimation in nonlinear time series models with ARCH errorsSalamh, Mustafa; Wang, Liqun
2021 Jointly modeling male and female labor participation and unemploymentBernstein, David H.; Martinez, Andrew B.
2021 Children’s Health Capital Investment: Effects of U.S. Infant Breastfeeding on Teenage ObesityOkunade, Albert; Osmani, Ahmad Reshad; Ayangbayi, Toluwalope; Okunade, Adeyinka Kevin
2021 Outliers in semi-parametric estimation of treatment effectsCanavire-Bacarreza, Gustavo; Castro, Luis; Ontiveros, Darwin Ugarte
2021 Structural panel Bayesian VAR with multivariate time-varying volatility to jointly deal with structural changes, policy regime shifts, and endogeneity issuesPacifico, Antonio
2021 An empirical model of medicare costs: The role of health insurance, employment, and delays in medicare enrollmentDeng, Yuanyuan; Benítez-Silva, Hugo
2021 Uncertainty due to infectious diseases and stock-bond correlationGillas, Konstantinos Gkillas; Konstantatos, Christoforos; Siriopoulos, Costas
2021 Semiparametric estimation of a corporate bond rating modelJiang, Yixiao
2021 Racial/ethnic health disparity in the U.S.: A decomposition analysisLahiri, Kajal; Pulungan, Zulkarnain
2021 Are soybean yields getting a free ride from climate change? Evidence from Argentine time series dataAhumada, Hildegart A.; Cornejo, Magdalena
2021 Asymptotic and finite sample properties for multivariate rotated GARCH modelsAsai, Manabu; Chang, Chia-Lin; McAleer, Michael; Pauwels, Laurent
2021 Multidimensional arrays, indices and Kronecker productsPollock, David Stephen G.
2021 Searching for a theory that fits the data: A personal research odysseyJusélius, Katarina
2021 Nonlinear cointegrating regression of the earth's surface mean temperature anomalies on total radiative forcingNam, Kyungsik
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 322