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2019 Risk taking and fiscal smoothing with sovereign wealth funds in advanced economiesLindset, Snorre; Mork, Knut Anton
2019 Do firm's organisational slacks influence the relationship between corporate lobbying and corporate financial performance? More is not always betterLin, Woon Leong
2019 To what extent do regional effects influence firms' capital structure? The case of Southern Italian SMEs'Butzbach, Olivier; Sarno, Domenico
2019 Using grey incidence analysis approach in portfolio selectionŠkrinjarić, Tihana; Šego, Boško
2019 An empirical investigation of the performance of Japanese mutual funds: Skill or luck?Pilbeam, Keith; Preston, Hamish
2019 Stock market reactions to Brexit: Case of selected CEE and SEE stock marketsŠkrinjarić, Tihana
2019 Abuses and penalties of a corporate tax inversionYang, James G. S.; Lauricella, Leonard J.; Aquilino, Frank J.
2018 BREXIT and foreign direct investment: Key issues and new empirical findingsWelfens, Paul J. J.; Baier, Fabian J.
2018 The impact of revenue diversification on bank profitability and stability: Empirical evidence from South Asian countriesNisar, Shoaib; Peng, Ke; Wang, Susheng; Ashraf, Badar Nadeem
2018 Corporate social responsibility and Rule 144A debt offerings: Empirical evidencDbouk, Wassim; Jin, Dawei; Wang, Haizhi; Wang, Jianrong
2018 The effect of alternative measures of distance on the correlation of real effective exchange rate returns: An approach to contagion analysisCoulom, Jean; Shenai, Vijay
2018 Estimating major risk factor relativities in rate filings using generalized linear modelsXie, Shengkun; Lawniczak, Anna T.
2018 Determinants of dividend payout decisions: A dynamic panel data analysis of Turkish stock marketBostanci, Faruk; Kadioglu, Eyup; Sayilgan, Guven
2018 Many are never too many: An analysis of crowdfunding projects in BrazilMourao, Paulo; Pinheiro Silveira, Marco António; Santos De Melo, Rodrigo
2018 Cross hedging stock sector risk with index futures by considering the global equity systematic riskHsu, Wen-Chung; Lee, Hsiang-Tai
2018 Microcredit and survival microenterprises: The role of market structureViswanath, P. V.
2018 The influence of industry characteristics and dynamic capabilities on firms' profitabilityPervan, Maja; Curak, Marijana; Kramaric, Tomislava Pavic
2018 The impact of Brexit on the stock markets of the greater China regionMorales, Lucía; Andréosso-O'Callaghan, Bernadette
2018 Integrated supervision of the financial market without the UK?Janovec, Michael
2018 Revisiting M&M with taxes: An alternative equilibrating processKopecky, Kenneth J.; Li, Zhichuan; Sugrue, Timothy F.; Tucker, Alan L.
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 210