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2022 Analysis of factors influencing credit access of Vietnamese informal labors in the time of COVID-19 pandemicHung Van Vu; Huong Ho
2022 Investigation of attributes influencing the attractiveness of mobile commerce advertisements on the facebook platformCvirka, Donatas; Rudienė, Elzė; Morkūnas, Mangirdas
2022 The asymmetric impact of oil price shocks on sectoral returns in Pakistan: Evidence from the non-linear ARDL approachAli, Basit; Khan, Dilawar; Shafiq, Muhammad; Magda, Róbert; Oláh, Judit
2022 Econometric approach to assessing the transfer fees and values of professional football playersPoli, Raffaele; Besson, Roger; Ravenel, Loïc
2022 Factors affecting the intention to use financial technology among Vietnamese youth: Research in the time of COVID-19 and beyondNguyen Vinh Khuong; Nguyen Thi Thanh Phuong; Nguyen Thanh Liem; Cao Thi Mien Thuy; Tran Hung Son
2022 Promotion of European wines in third countries within the common market organisation framework: The case of FrancePuccia, Angelo; Mora Márquez, César M.; Núñez-Tabales, Julia M.
2022 Personnel costs and labour productivity: The case of European manufacturing industryStundziene, Alina; Baliute, Asta
2022 Efficiencies of faith and secular microfinance institutions in regions of Asia, Africa, and Latin America: A two-stage dual efficiency bootstrap DEA approachKolloju, Adithya Kiran; Meoli, Michele
2022 The impact of COVID-19 on the US economy: The multiplier effects of tourismRodousakis, Nikolaos; Soklis, George
2022 Novel insights in the leadership in business and economics: A post-Coronavirus updateStrielkowski, Wadim; Firsova, Irina; Azarova, Svetlana; Shatskaya, Irina
2022 "Old" territorial disparities and "new" spatial patterns: Unraveling the latent nexus between sustainable development and desertification risk in ItalySalvia, Rosanna; Colantoni, Andrea; Bianchini, Leonardo; Egidi, Gianluca; Polinesi, Gloria; Salvati, Luca; Quaranta, Giovanni
2022 Social capital, intellectual capital, and audit fee: Conflicting evidence from IranTarighi, Hossein; Salehi, Mahdi; Moradi, Mahdi; Zimon, Grzegorz
2022 Understanding the profitability, supply, and input demand of tobacco farms in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, PakistanSajjad; Ul Haq, Zahoor; Iqbal, Javed; Shahzad, Muhammad
2022 The effect of working mother status on children's education attainment: Evidence from longitudinal dataAzizah, Nur; Saleh, Samsubar; Sulistyaningrum, Eny
2022 Spatial market integration: A case study of the Polish-Czech milk marketRoman, Monika; Žáková Kroupová, Zdeňka
2022 Log periodic power analysis of critical crashes: Evidence from the Portuguese stock marketGonçalves, Tiago Cruz; Quiñones Borda, Jorge Victor; Vieira, Pedro Rino; Matos, Pedro Verga
2022 Gender, perception of audits, access to finance, and self-assessed corporate tax complianceSunardi, Sunardi; Damayanti, Theresia Woro; Supramono, Supramono; Hermanto, Yustinus Budi
2022 Stock market reactions during different phases of the COVID-19 pandemic: Cases of Italy and SpainKeliuotyte-Staniuleniene, Greta; Kviklis, Julius
2022 Drivers of research outcomes in developing countries: The case of LebanonBoutros, Pierre; Fakih, Ali
2022 The COVID-19 era: Influencers of uneven sector performance. A Canadian perspectiveVikkram Singh; Shirazi, Homayoun; Turetken, Jessica
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 677