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2018 The income equalization system among municipalities in Norway: Strengths and implicationsIdsø, Johannes; Årethun, Torbjørn; Bhatta, Bharat P.
2018 The Brennan-Lomasky test of expressive voting: When impressive probability differences are meaninglessClark, J. R.; Lee, Dwight R.
2018 Exchange rate and oil price interactions in selected CEE countriesDrachal, Krzysztof
2018 The impact of fiscal decentralization on accountability, economic freedom, and political and civil liberties in the AmericasBojanic, Antonio N.
2018 The impacts of domestic and foreign direct investments on economic growth in Saudi ArabiaBelloumi, Mounir; Alshehry, Atef
2018 Cost of agricultural business equity capital: A theoretical and empirical study for PolandFranc-Dąbrowska, Justyna; Mądra-Sawicka, Magdalena; Bereżnicka, Joanna
2018 Effects of Conditional Cash Transfers (CCT) in anti-poverty programs: An empirical approach with panel data for the Mexican case of PROSPERA-oportunidades (2002-2012)Saucedo Delgado, Odra Angélica; Kadelbach, Vivian; Mata Mata, Leovardo
2018 Implementation of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework in enhancing business performances in oil and gas sectorAnnamalah, Sanmugam; Raman, Murali; Marthandan, Govindan; Logeswaran, Aravindan Kalisri
2018 What determines lean manufacturing implementation? A CB-SEM modelTan Ching Ng; Ghobakhloo, Morteza
2018 The environmental consequences of growth: Empirical evidence from the Republic of KazakhstanAkbota, Amantay; Baek, Jungho
2018 Changes in natural disaster risk: Macroeconomic responses in selected Latin American countriesIsoré, Marlène
2018 Money and pay-as-you-go pensionYasuoka, Masaya
2018 Export-led growth, global integration, and the external balance of small island developing statesKemp-Benedict, Eric; Drakes, Crystal; Laing, Timothy J.
2018 Identifying sustainability and knowledge gaps in socio-economic pathways vis-à-vis the sustainable development goalsZimm, Caroline; Sperling, Frank; Busch, Sebastian
2018 The effects of fiscal policy on non-oil economic growthHasanov, Fakhri; Mammadov, Fuad; Al-Musehel, Nayef
2018 Social security and fighting poverty in TunisiaKhemili, Hasna; Belloumi, Mounir
2018 Parental education better helps white than black families escape poverty: National survey of children's healthAssari, Shervin
2018 Determinants of profitability in the banking sector: An analysis of post-Soviet countriesYüksel, Serhat; Mukhtarov, Shahriyar; Mammadov, Elvin; Özsarı, Mustafa
2018 Sustainability performance of an Italian textile productLenzo, Paola; Traverso, Marzia; Mondello, Giovanni; Salomone, Roberta; Ioppolo, Giuseppe
2018 Glass houses and friends-and-neighbors voting: An exploratory analysis of the impact of political scandal on localismMixon, Franklin G.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 178