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2021The evolutionary transformation of modern agri-food systems: Emerging trends in consumption, production, and in the provision of public goodsCamanzi, Luca; Troiano, Stefania
2021Adoption analysis of agricultural technologies in the semiarid northern Ethiopia: A panel data analysisGebru, Menasbo; Holden, Stein Terje; Alfnes, Frode
2021Commoning of territorial heritage and tools of participated sustainability for the production and enhancement of agro-environmental public goodsSafonte, G. Fabiola; Bellia, Claudio; Columba, Pietro
2021Do consumers' values and attitudes affect food retailer choice? Evidence from a national survey on farmers' market in GermanyCicia, Gianni; Furno, Marilena; Del Giudice, Teresa
2021Economic benefits of livestock management in GhanaAdams, Faizal; Ohene-Yankyera, Kwasi; Aidoo, Robert; Wongnaa, Camillus Abawiera
2021Technical efficiency and productivity of farms: A periurban case study analysisGaviglio, Anna; Filippini, Rosalia; Madau, Fabio Albino; Marescotti, Maria Elena; Demartini, Eugenio
2021Consumer perception of sustainable practices in dairy productionNaspetti, Simona; Mandolesi, Serena; Buysse, Jeroen; Latvala, Terhi; Nicholas, Phillipa; Padel, Susanne; Van Loo, Ellen J.; Zanoli, Raffaele
2021Insights into organic wine consumption: Behaviour, segmentation and attribute non-attendanceBoncinelli, Fabio; Dominici, Andrea; Marone, Enrico
2021On the association between risk attitude and fruit and vegetable consumption: Insights from university students in ItalyGiampietri, Elisa; Bugin, Giuseppe; Trestini, Samuele
2021Rural sustainability and food choice: The effect of territorial characteristics on the consumers' preferences for organic lentilsPaffarini, Chiara; Torquati, Bianca Maria; Tempesta, Tiziano; Venanzi, Sonia; Vecchiato, Daniel
2021Label information and consumer behaviour: Evidence on drinking milk sectorMarchini, Andrea; Riganelli, Chiara; Diotallevi, Francesco; Polenzani, Bianca
2021Exploring beyond the conjunctural rhetoric: Sociocultural drivers for the 'cassava crisis' in Côte d'IvoireMobio, Aubin Jacob; Fokou, Gilbert; Aka, Solange; Kouassi, Kouadio Benal; Kreppel, Katharina Sophia; Kouakou, Kouakou Philipps; Amanzou, Nogbou Andecthi Aubin; Dao, Daouda; Bonfoh, Bassirou
2021Vertical price transmission in Swiss dairy and cheese value chainsHillen, Judith
2021Organizational forms and technical efficiency of the dairy processing industry in Southern BrazilBeber, Caetano Luiz; Lakner, Sebastian; Skevas, Ioannis
2021Economics of contracts in African food systems: Evidence from the malt barley sector in EthiopiaTefera, Delelegne Abera; Bijman, Jos
2021Agricultural business economics: The challenge of sustainabilityMalorgio, Giulio; Marangon, Francesco
2021Implications of food-for-work programs for consumption and production diversity: Evidence from the Tigray Region of EthiopiaLegesse Debela, Bethelhem; Shively, Gerald E.; Holden, Stein Terje
2021Food consumption patterns, nutrient adequacy, and the food systems in NigeriaMekonnen, Daniel Ayalew; Trijsburg, Laura; Achterbosch, Thom; Brouwer, Inge D.; Kennedy, Gina; Linderhof, Vincent; Ruben, Ruerd; Talsma, Elise F.
2021Does market access improve dietary diversity and food security? Evidence from Southwestern Ethiopian smallholder coffee producersUsman, Muhammed Abdella; Callo-Concha, Daniel
2021The impact of pest risk management measures on trade: The case of apples from France and ChileDe Maria, Federica; Drogue, Sophie; Lubello, Pasquale
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 210