Agricultural and Food Economics: a SpringerOpen Journal

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2015 Agricultural districts in the Italian regions: Looking toward 2020Toccaceli, Daniela
2015 Oil and food prices in Malaysia: A nonlinear ARDL analysisIbrahim, Mansor H.
2014 Institutional reforms and agricultural policy process: Lessons from Democratic Republic of CongoRagasa, Catherine; Babu, Suresh C.; Ulimwengu, John
2014 Factors affecting efficiency of cotton producers in rural Khorezm, Uzbekistan: Re-examining the role of knowledge indicators in technical efficiency improvementKarimov, Aziz A.
2014 An empirical analysis on technophobia/technophilia in consumer market segmentationCoppola, Adele; Verneau, Fabio
2014 Crop substitution behavior among food crop farmers in Ghana: An efficient adaptation to climate change or costly stagnation in traditional agricultural production system?Issahaku, Zakaria A.; Maharjan, Keshav L.
2014 Consumer demand for alcoholic beverages in Switzerland: A two-stage quadratic almost ideal demand system for low, moderate, and heavy drinking householdsAepli, Matteo
2014 Price relations between international rice marketsJohn, Adam
2014 The adoption of technologies, management practices, and production systems in US milk productionGillespie, Jeffrey; Nehring, Richard; Sitienei, Isaac
2014 Farm types and their economic characterization in complex agro-ecosystems for informed extension intervention: Study from coastal West Bengal, IndiaGoswami, Rupak; Chatterjee, Soumitra; Prasad, Binoy
2014 Off-farm labour supply and production efficiency of farm household in rural Southwest NigeriaShittu, Adebayo M.
2014 Understanding linkages between common agricultural policy and High Nature Value (HNV) farmland provision: An empirical analysis in Tuscany regionBartolini, Fabio; Brunori, Gianluca
2014 Farm technology adoption in Kenya: A simultaneous estimation of inorganic fertilizer and improved maize variety adoption decisionsOgada, Maurice J.; Mwabu, Germano; Muchai, Diana
2014 Factors influencing willingness to participate in multi-stakeholder platform by smallholder farmers in Northern Ghana: Implication for research and developmentMartey, Edward; Etwire, Prince M.; Wiredu, Alexander Nimo; Dogbe, Wilson
2014 Country of origin and willingness to pay for pistachios: A chinese caseXu, Pei; Wang, Zhigang
2014 The demand of urban residents for the biodiversity conservation in U Minh Thuong National Park, VietnamKhai, Huynh; Yabe, Mitsuyasu
2014 Bioenergy chain building: A collective action perspectiveCembalo, Luigi; Caracciolo, Francesco; Migliore, Giuseppina; Lombardi, Alessia; Schifani, Giorgio
2014 Evaluating willingness to become a food education volunteer among urban residents in Japan: Toward a participatory food policyOhe, Yasuo; Kurihara, Shinichi; Shimoura, Shinpei
2014 Credit off-take from formal financial institutions in rural India: Quantile regression resultsPal, Debdatta; Laha, Arnab
2014 The impact of food price increases on nutrient intake in LebanonZaki, Souhad; Chaaban, Jad; Nasreddine, Lara; Chalak, Ali
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 37