Agricultural and Food Economics: a SpringerOpen Journal

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017 The single farm payment and income risk in Irish farms 2005-2013Knapp, Edward; Loughrey, Jason
2017 Predicting minimum tillage adoption among smallholder farmers using micro-level and policy variablesMarenya, Paswel P.; Kassie, Menale; Jaleta, Moti; Rahut, Dil Bahadur; Erenstein, Olaf
2017 Transparency systems: do businesses in North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) regret the cancellation of the Smiley scheme?Fietz, Anica Veronika; Grüner, Sven
2017 Time series livestock diet optimization: cost-effective broiler feed substitution using the commodity price spread approachAlqaisi, Othman; Ndambi, Oghaiki Asaah; Williams, Ryan Blake
2017 Effects of local institutions on the adoption of agroforestry innovations: evidence of farmer managed natural regeneration and its implications for rural livelihoods in the SahelBinam, Joachim N.; Place, Frank; Djalal, Arinloye A.; Kalinganire, Antoine
2017 Consumer interest towards tropical fruit: factors affecting avocado fruit consumption in ItalyMigliore, Giuseppina; Farina, Vittorio; Tinervia, Salvatore; Matranga, Giovanni; Schifani, Giorgio
2017 Risks and opportunities from key importers pushing for sustainability: the case of Indonesian palm oilJafari, Yaghoob; Othman, Jamal; Witzke, Peter; Jusoh, Sufian
2017 Consumption intensity of leafy African indigenous vegetables: towards enhancing nutritional security in rural and urban dwellers in KenyaObedy, Eric; Ayuya, Oscar Ingasia; Owuor, George; Bokelmann, Wolfgang
2017 Differentiation strategies for the wine and nursery sector: empirical evidence from an Italy regionLa Sala, Piermichele; Silvestri, Raffaele; Contò, Francesco
2017 About farmers' bargaining power within the new CAPVelázquez, Beatriz; Buffaria, Bruno
2017 Dynamics of EU food safety certification: a survival analysis of firm decisionsRagasa, Catherine; Thornsbury, Suzanne; Joshi, Satish
2017 Argentine government policies: impacts on the beef sectorRossini, Gustavo; Arancibia, Rodrigo García; Guiguet, Edith Depetris
2017 Does 'local' matter in restaurant choice? Results of a discrete choice experiment targeting German and Italian consumersContini, Caterina; Romano, Caterina; Boncinelli, Fabio; Scozzafava, Gabriele; Casini, Leonardo
2017 Determinants of honey producer market outlet choice in Chena District, southern Ethiopia: a multivariate probit regression analysisTarekegn, Kassa; Haji, Jema; Tegegne, Bosena
2017 Efficiency and coordination in the EU agri-food systemsSeverini, Simone; Sorrentino, Alessandro
2017 Japanese consumer preferences for additive-free wine labelingKubota, Satoko; Sawano, Hirotsugu; Kono, Hiroichi
2017 The impact of agricultural cooperatives membership on the wellbeing of smallholder farmers: empirical evidence from eastern EthiopiaAhmed, Musa Hasen; Mesfin, Hiwot Mekonnen
2017 Food supply chains: coordination governance and other shaping forcesCarbone, Anna
2017 Technical efficiency and total factor productivity changes in European dairy farm sectorsMadau, Fabio A.; Furesi, Roberto; Pulina, Pietro
2017 Do durum wheat producers benefit of vertical coordination?Carillo, Felicetta; Caracciolo, Francesco; Cembalo, Luigi
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 109